Want Batman V Superman Spoiler Talk? Join Us At 6:30PM Pacific Friday


The Laser Time crew are watching the film and then coming straight to the studio to livestream our reactions, and you can join in at 6:30PM Pacific tonight!

So yeah, you’ve seen the low scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metcritic, early bad reactions from comic professionals, and hell, you may have even seen it yourself. But you don’t yet have the DEFINITIVE review of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice until you watch our reactions! We’ll be streaming the spoilery talk right here tonight at 6:30PM Pacific Time, and if you’re ready for a spoilery discussion, you can join in right here! (Or, you can ask some early spoilery questions in the comments below!)

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In the meantime, why not check out a bite-sized version of Laser Time’s comic book podcast, Cape Crisis, where we explain the history of Batman fighting Superman in this week’s Superhero Spotlight video!










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22 thoughts on “Want Batman V Superman Spoiler Talk? Join Us At 6:30PM Pacific Friday

  1. Question: What are your thoughts of the hero cameos? Especially the Flash appearing to Bruce in the Batcave.

    Comment: Every time Anderson Cooper or the Army said that a building or island was abandoned it took my out of the film. Those lines were only there to address critics of Man of Steel’s collateral damage.

    1. What, like Age of Ultron did with saving every single person on screen? Or how Civil War looks to be doing with the big fight going down in an empty concrete warehouse district?

      As for the hero cameos, THEY took me out of the movie. They were utterly unnecessary to the plot, subtle as a brick to the face, and would’ve been much better served in a mid-credits scene.

  2. How early in the stream do you think the guys will mention something about marvel?

    My guess is 5 minutes in.

  3. Which news anchor / pop culture cameo was your favorite?

    Also who did pee drink better Little Monstets or this.?

    1. My brother and I genuinely liked the film by the way. Wished we would have gotten a Darkseid glimpse but gotta save something for the next one. The DCU seems more crucially tied together going forward.

      1. Oh and PPS: To add to Snyder’s Jesus = Superman thing (ya know if the Pieta pose and spear to the side wern’t enough) Superman *dies* on good friday.

  4. I saw that Sad Ben Affleck video on Reddit right before I saw the movie and I could not get it out of my head the whole time I sat there.

  5. As someone who still hasn’t seen the movie, and understanding the film has serious issues with character and story, is it still worth seeing on the big screen for the spectacle? Snyder can craft some solid visuals, but the 2.5 hour running time and bad reviews are scaring me off seeing a movie for the most superficial of reasons.

  6. So what do you think was Lex Luthor’s master plan? Who do you think he was referring to in his “the bell can’t be unrung” speech?

  7. Do you think Snyder is trying to make the Justice League into a bunch of murderers so they can team up with the Suicide Squad to beat Marvel to a double team up movie with the Avengers and another team? Seems like the perfect plan to me and proves that Snyder really is the director we need even if he’s not the one we deserve.

    In an all seriousness I’ve seen 5 year old’s justify their actions more reasonably than Snyder justifies making the two heroes who are KNOWN for their anti-killing rules, not having much concern for the well being of others when their blood gets pumping. They have lines about protecting people, but the moment the action starts they could care less unless a named character is in danger. A movie extra in a Snyder DC “adaptation” has the life expectancy of a red shirt in Star Trek. Come on, what’s that characters last name? For all you know they’re just extra #6.

  8. It is with great sorrow that I regretfully admit that apart from the batman lethality and the sadpanda superman (and his lack of character actualization) I actually like a lot of this movie. The atmosphere was p. cool and there were moments that I genuinely loved. Unfortunately the bad things I mentioned were kind of movie breaking.

  9. What did you guys think about Snyder post-reviews saying:
    “I’m a comic book guy and I made the movie based as much as I could on that aesthetic. And so I don’t know how else to do it 100%, so it is what it is”?
    I’ve been reading this quote over and over and I don’t know if he reads anything but Frank Miller comics.

  10. I’m disappointing I missed this live but I look forward to listening on Monday. And can I say I love this concept and hope most future nerdy releases get this treatment. I want to see live Civil War and Rogue One reactions.

  11. So I just saw it, I was scared by the reviews but now I realize “critics” are full of shit or should I say full of themselves.
    After all these are the people who gave Avatar 90s when it came out.

  12. Just got back from the movie and I realized that this movie is not made for me. It is like Snyder thinks the entire DCU should be Watchmen. The Bat Brand was a very Rorschach thing to do. I hated Batman using guns in The Dark Knight Rises and I really hated it here, Batman does not use guns and he DOES. NOT. KILL. I tried to rationalize Superman killing in MOS as he was inexperienced, but you would have thought they learned their lesson. It is lazy writing to have them just murder, or manslaughter, their way out of a problem. If you wrote yourself into a corner, come up with another scenario. Part of what makes them special is that they always find a way, even if it is contrived or stupid, to overcome the odds. I did not like Eisenberg at all, Luthor should be cold and calculating, not crazy. Why did Thomas Wayne try to punch the mugger with a gun when his son was standing right there? I could not believe how little Superman’s death mattered to me, maybe because he was such a downer the whole movie? This was so much Frank Miller I was waiting for Batman to say “I’m the Goddamn Batman!”

    I did like Wonder Woman, the way Batman dismantled the thugs in the warehouse, the Flashpoint like cameo, and it was better than Man of Steel or at least not as boring. I guess Darkseid will be the big bad for Justice League, which should be cool.

    For all my complaints, Snyder does have a distinct style and I give him credit for it, but I am not sure it is a fit for the DCU. Or at least the DCU I want. I am looking forward to see what other directors can do in the universe.

    By the way, and this is not a spoiler, but Robin is going to be revealed at the Joker, right? So did Batman kill the real Joker in this universe and that is why it seems like he quit?

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