Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Super Heroes Part II


Wanna know more about Black Panther, Archangel, Rogue and the Grey Hulk? This week’s episode covers those heroes and more!

This is part two of our [MR BLACK]-part series looking back at Impel’s 1990 trading card set. With 160+ cards it laid out the wider Marvel Universe and showed a whole generation (namely ours!) just how deep and wide this universe really was. Peep the classic art AND learn a bit about 1990-era storylines – just before “’90s comics” became “’90s comics.”

Check out part one if ya like what you see, and we’ll be back next week with even MOAR heroes!

9 thoughts on “Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Super Heroes Part II

  1. that was awesome that Henry was able to pick out that Mike Weringo art on that Shadowcat card.
    I don’t think I own that one. I loved Weringo’s art. I need to go find that card!

    wait… was this something you guys did live?!
    when? was it a patreon exclusive?

  2. These are great, guys! It takes me back to the early 90s when my friends were trading cards and walking 5 blocks to get a code for Street Fighter 2 SNES.

  3. Please keep this kind of stuff up. My schedule doesn’t allow me to get to all of LTN’s stuff but I find a way for these

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