Batman V Superman Deleted Scene Clears Up Plot A Little

Lex Luthor Deleted Scene

How’d Lex Luthor know things he couldn’t possibly know? This bonus scene clears it up a little…

We certainly had opinions on Batman V Superman. Soooo many problems with Dawn of Justice, one of them being Lex Luthor’s knowledge of things that have never ever happened before. Well, this deleted scene clears some of that up. Spoilers obviously, but take a look at this missing moment…

See, if in the film you saw Lex finding a Mother Box, the tool of Darkseid that contains all the information in the universe, the movie would make a whole lot more sense. Finally, his wealth of info and knowledge he uses later in the film at least makes sense. Why the hell wasn’t this in the film itself? Because it would make far too much sense? Jesus…

Anyway, this scene can be found Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman which expands the film to over 3 hours and re-rates as an R-rated movie. Does this make a lot more sense? Let us know in the comments!










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5 thoughts on “Batman V Superman Deleted Scene Clears Up Plot A Little

  1. Batman “Guess I’m going to break into Lexcorp”
    Alfred: “No need sir, Bruce Wayne was invited”

    Well thank god. Because I sure didn’t pay a ticket price to watch Batman do Batman things. Christ, there were a couple scenes like that where they chose to show the aftermath instead of what went down and instead used the running time to just slowly walk all over the place.

  2. They kept bringing up that Lex is Lex Luthor Jr. I wonder if they gave themselves an out to get rid of Eisenberg, and bring in Lex Sr. as the real Lex Luthor.

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