Kingdom Hearts: Are We Really Gonna Play This?


Laser Time would like to announce yet another terrible idea: Let’s play Kingdom Hearts. Like, all the way through. Just typing these sentences is filling me with dread… JOIN ME!

Ho boy, Kingdom Hearts. How’s it hold up. The short answer is “not well,” the long answer, well, we’re going to find out together aren’t we?! Today we unleash the first episodeĀ of our, I’m gonna guess 40,000 part series, and damned if doesn’t move along like jagged molasses. But at least you’ll have Elston and me in a girls shirt to keep you company. Hit play, I dare you! I swear, I have Disney trivia.

Have you ever wanted to visit/revisit an ancient and beloved game but you didn’t wanna do it alone?! Well, we can’t help you. But you can join Chris and Elston as they journey through the HD Remix of Kingdom Hearts in Laser Time’s first ever long play series every Sunday. Will our intrepid heroes make it all the way through the entire game? We hope not, but let’s see how this stupid little adventure through Square/Disney fandom goes, huh?!

19 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts: Are We Really Gonna Play This?

  1. Its a bad idea sure, but I would love to see you guys take this game all the way. I sure as hell was never able to finish the game on my own, so this is the best chance of me ever experiencing the whole game in a non wiki format.

  2. Sweet. A long play of this should be fun from you guys. I eagerly await Chris’ meltdown. I couldn’t make it past the first few hours of this game. It was really slow. Good luck!

  3. If you’re gonna play it I suggest getting past the long boring ass tutorial first or everyone will be bored.

  4. I’ve always wanted to play this game and never have. I’m so glad you guys are doing this. It’s perfect for me.

  5. I can’t think of a better game to have LT do a full playthrough of… I’m very pleased with this.

    1. Post viewing: Chris you weren’t kidding about the not paying attention part but I’m sure a faq/Brett will rectify that. The gameplay in this is definitely dated but that music still holds up really well. I personally can’t wait until Hallow Bastion as that has the best music. Also as far as updating the game, I played Birth by Sleep in the 2.5 mix and that game definitely shows everything that they’ve learned from a gameplay standpoint. BbS controls really well and the combat is leaps and bounds better and more fun than KH1. With the 30 minute lenght and one episode a week I expect this to finish just in time for KH3 to come out.

  6. It will be a good idea because it will be entertaining to watch and hear the LT crew long play the game, but I wonder if it is too much to add to their schedule. But if this can be added without affecting for content, I’m all for it.

  7. Please don’t give up on this! No matter how much time passes and how educated I become as a discerning video game fan, I will always always love this series. Every summer I remember playing it for over 100 hours when I was 14 and wanna replay it. My girlfriend and I even watched the first episode of this and went right out and bought the HD version of the first game.

    Keep at it!

  8. Dooooooods! Thank you for doing this! Keep with it! This is one of my favorite games and it’d be a fucking blast to watch y’all play it all the way through.

  9. Glorious. I never played this game, but I am definitely enjoying this format as my experience of the game. Also… Brett dropping the awesome Greg Disney trivia

  10. Aw, you guys don’t think it holds up? After playing the HD versions of 1 and 2 recently I thought that all the combat stuff was still pretty great. The platforming was definitely pretty rough but it never got on my nerves.

  11. Long plays are fun to follow, keep up with it as long as you can stand. Some of the level design in the game is pretty bleh, even for a 15 year old game.

  12. This is the best idea.

    I have been waiting for some longer form video series and you guys have been giving the people what they want. This and the Marvel trading card series are off to great starts.

  13. Really enjoyed episode 1. Really hope you guys play through the whole thing. I loved this game even though some aspects don’t hold up super well. Watching the speed run of this at AGDQ this winter was super cool.

  14. Contrasting this stuff with live streams and constant chat interaction that comes with them is refreshing to me. This is a good idea guys.

  15. I would love for you guys to go through the whole game! It’s a great blend of dated and nostalgic.

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