Laser Time – Batman v Superman is Terrible/Summer Movie Preview


SPOILER: We hated Batman v Superman, but we ease our comic movie loving brain with a quick look at upcoming movies worth look forward to. Hopefully…


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44 thoughts on “Laser Time – Batman v Superman is Terrible/Summer Movie Preview

  1. I thought BvS was OK – an improvement over Man of Steel, with things I actually LIKED, but still filled with a lot of terrible crap and missed opportunities. Can someone other than Snyder PLEASE direct Justice League?

    1. Also minor clarifications – that WAS Jimmy Olsen at the end, he was introduced and fucking murdered.

      The dirt on Superman’s coffin moves and you hear a heartbeat so that pretty much confirms he’s alive anyway.

  2. I have very little attachment to the DC universe of comics. I can’t possibly get mad at this movie the same way you guys do because I don’t really care about how Superman or Batman is treated. I will just take a pass at this movie that isn’t bad enough to be entertaining, but also not good as even 10% of the hype.

    1. Also, I gotta mention that at around the 1 hour mark the background music becomes so loud it is hard to hear what you guys are actually saying.

  3. Hey FYI from around 1:01:30 to 1:11 (about ten minutes long), an additional track of weirdly loud bed music (SNES Mario) starts playing, obscuring the dialogue somewhat…!

    1. Laser Time isn’t the only podcast I’ve heard the music screw up on, but it has happened to LT on a few different episodes, and even VGA or some other show, I think. I wonder what it is that happens? Probably not much chance of a clean version going up, though.

      My knowledge of Superman and Batman mostly comes from the Christopher Reeves and Tim Burton movies, which came out when I was young, so I don’t have as much trouble with some of the issues comic readers seem to, like them killing, since that isn’t something that really factors into the movies. I haven’t seen BVS yet, but didn’t care for MOS that much, the newer DC movies just aren’t as enjoyable as the Marvel ones, and I don’t love any of the Marvel ones. I think Batman Returns may be my favorite comic movie, the art direction feels the most interesting to me, and the movie has a comic book feel I like.

  4. I liked it, it has definite flaws I wont deny, thats what happens when you go big like they did, but Im gonna go out on a limb and guess most of Hanks complaints will be a bit whiny.

  5. I’m only 20 minutes into the podcast but I can’t believe they haven’t addressed the fact that Superman MURDERS someone within the first 10 minutes.
    He shows up in his first seen only to tackle a guy through three cement walls. That guy would have been pulp after hitting the first wall, let alone two more.

    So, so many people killed in this movie and not even remotely as collateral damage.

    1. It’s not my favourite but it’s pretty high up my list. So many people give it a lot of shit but I love too much of it to agree with them.

  6. Sometimes I think we praise Andy Serkis too much for mocap, like Hugh Jackman being Wolverine, hes just got the monopoly on it.

  7. Is this episode full of BvS spoilers? I have not seen it yet and want to hate it on my own terms.

    1. The first 1/2 is the review while the second is about upcoming Summer movies. You should be fine if you jump to 48 minutes and 20 seconds in.

  8. I hated BvS as well. It felt like a 2 and half hour trailer for a movie franchise that never existed.
    WB saw what Marvel was doing and decided to cut corners. And in doing so has closed off any hope of getting a DKR or a Death and Return of Superman movie thanks to this piece of crap cribbing from both those books.

  9. I had no idea Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates even existed and after watching the trailer I’m interested. And again I have to thank y’all from saving me from a not fun superhero film. Y’all first saved me from Amazing Spider-Man 2 and now I’m saved from BvS.

  10. there’s about 10 min of the podcast that is unlistenable. at about the 1 hour mark, any chance you guys can fix and reupload it?

  11. BvS thoughts right on

    I laughed at the agree with me (Chris) or you are an a hole

    MARIO 2 MUSIC!!!!!

    Such a bummer a major flaw was missed, love you Chris, editing is time consuming but I had to bail out of podcast early

  12. The Jungle Book also comes out next month and my friend has said thats the film hes most excited for, not technically summer I guess.

  13. So is this another SPOILER-CAST? ugh I hate these because it means I’m missing an episode and now gotta wait another week for a fresh one.

  14. When I saw the movie, most of the women in the packed theater applauded when Wonder Woman appeared in costume. It made me realize how starved for a woman superhero we are. Wonder Woman literally just appeared on screen in costume and the female audience went nuts. All we really have is Black Widow…and she’s not that great in my opinion.

    That’s what gives me hope for the Wonder Woman movie. If it sells well enough we will have a Deadpool affect on the industry, and maybe they will not be afraid to produce more films with a girl superhero as the star.

  15. It was a bad movie, but not to the level you guys made it out. I think there was a lot of confirmation bias happening here. I didn’t see Fantastic Four because of your guys scathing review, but now I kind of want to see it to see if your reactions are as overblown as this.

    Saying Affleck was Batman in the worst Batman movie to date made my eyes nearly roll back into my head. I’m glad Brett got one little “really?” in there.
    Also Henry going off on Batman killing that truck full of people when it was well established as a dream sequence. IT DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Calm the fuck down dude.

    I agree with nearly everything you guys said about the movie, but that episode was a little hard to listen to. Even during the break Chris ended it with a “fuck you” if you don’t like wrestling. And we are all mysogonists if we aren’t excited about Ghostbusters. I guess Zach Snyder brings out the aggression in people as well as filling his movies with it.

  16. BvS is not a great movie. It’s not even a good movie. Wonder Woman ruled pretty hard and Batman Batman’ing those bad dudes was spectacular. However, I share Hank’s disappointment on the biggest point when Superman should have clarified to Congress that’s freaking Superman, and this is why they should trust him. Instead of that scene even occurring, things explode. He doesn’t even scramble to save people from the burning capitol, he literally stands there, sad, before blasting off to backpack across Iceland, where experiences a mild dream-vision. This is a waste of Superman. Kal has already been through self-doubt at this point. If he had turned the corner right there and become a fully-formed Superman, leading to conversations with Luthor, saving Lois, and lead-up to his fight with Bruce, it would solve A LOT. Instead, his story-arc frays, and with only the same lesson from Pa Kent in mind, “she was my world,” Superman falls on his spear and because he realizes he wants to save Lois. Not the world, he wants to save Lois!

    To rub salt on the wound, there is an interview circulating with Snyder where he explains that he wanted Superman dead because he wanted Batman to be the one who assembles the Justice League, not Superman. Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, even an Affleck Batman, all have huge potential, so I don’t want to discount the DC movies. I’ll see Justice League (November 2017? So soon!) but Zack Snyder’s hatred for Superman kinda throws water on this.

  17. Funny thing about the Nick Fury chase scene, it was filmed in front of my bus stop. It ends right in front of it in Cleveland.

  18. I didn’t like the movie, but I didn’t hate it… at first. The more I think about it, the more I get angry with it. Being as how Snyder hates Superman so much, I think (this may be a stretch), that the Justice League being formed will be done so on the pretense that now that Superman is dead (for now), they need a group of heroes to take his place. Which would in itself be problematic. I don’t have enough trust in Snyder to put together a comprehensive story. At least it will be pretty.

  19. Having never watched any promotional material beforehand, I saw it on Sunday while high and thought it was fine. I give it the rating of under the first two Nolan Batmans+ Burtons Superman, over every other Batman and Superman film ever made, out of 5.

  20. Is this the most angry Henry has been on a show? Either way it was great to listen to. Even with die-hard Batman/DC fans, including Kevin Smith (also friends with Afleck) not liking the end product, there are so many seem is a state of blind zealous devotion.

    I’m not saying that people are wrong for liking it, it’s just the way some people seem to defend it comes off a less reasons why the film is good and more why the concept is great on principle and/or poking holes in other films EG Marvel.

  21. It misses the Summer Deadline by a day, but there is a Magnificent Seven remake coming out in September that I’m excited for. When I first heard about it I was worried that it would be another crappy remake of a good film. However, with Antoine Fuqua at the helm and Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Vincent D’Onofrio in the cast I’m a bit more confident.

  22. The films I’m looking forward to this summer (April – August): Suicide Squad, Nice Guys, Sausage Party, Popstar, Keanu, Jason Bourne, and Warcraft.
    I’m hoping for the best with X-Men, Star Trek Beyond, and Neighbors 2 (comedy sequels are difficult to pull off).

    Unlike last year, I’m looking forward to more comedy films this year, and hope they’re great. Last year, I seen Spy,The Night Before, and What We Do in the Shadows, and I only enjoyed WWDITS. I know you guys are big fan of Spy, and so is everyone else, but it was just a bland, boring, largely unfunny (except for Jason Statham) film for me, which makes me concerned for Ghostbusters besides the bad trailer. I don’t think Paul Feig can make great, cinematic films, he is no Phil Lord & Chris Miller or Edgar Wright. Also, it didn’t help that I saw Kingsman on Blu-ray the night before, a way better, action-comedy spy film.

  23. Loved how Chris said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet. Keep those subtle Simpsons references going.

  24. Sorry Chris, Sausage Party looks like lazy garbage that exists solely to serve the purpose of making dick jokes. I guarantee that movie started with the title and then they worked backwards from there to make a movie that fits the title. I like Seth Rogen fine, but when he does lazy shit like this or The Interview it’s like c’monnnn.


  25. Once again, everybody except Chris had insightful, amusing, and memorable things to say.

    Henry, shine on, man.

  26. Batman kills about as much as Daredevil. They will beat the ever loving fuck out of you but you ain’t dead. If you are going to shit on Batman for murder in a dream. Then you are not allowed to like the character at all. This has happened in the comic before. He dreams of killing Joker all the time. And if anything this is good for Batman because he is tempted and he does not let it get to him.

  27. I went in expecting to be disappointed, but I kind of liked the movie. At least, after a first viewing, it was better than most of the solo marvel movies (with the exception of Cap 2, Iron Man 1 and 3, and Ant Man) and better than the Burton/Schumacher batman movies (which hold up terribly).

    Most of your criticisms were pretty unfounded. Superman wasn’t as “optimistic” as the comics, but I’m usually OK with Hank’s screechy, breathless comic book nerd bit, but this was particularly annoying as his criticisms were pretty ridiculous. Batman is basically identical to Batman from Dark Knight Returns (he’s angry and bitter, he goes way too far, and, yes Henry, he kills/shoots people). I thought your actual criticisms of the plot events itself were almost uniformly wrong (and hilarious given that almost each criticism that Chris had was lifted straight from the comics).

    I did think it was overstuffed–half of the content should have been cut–and as a result the pacing was whacked. Wonder woman was weak and out of no where (but her fight was great). The dialogue could have used a lot of polish.

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