Talking Simpsons – Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington


Find out why the hosts are all super cynical about government when the family heads to DC and we learn about the cesspool on the Potomac…





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13 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington

  1. I just lost my shit at “Jimmy Stewart’s PUNCH-OUT!!” and Chris’ desperate sounding Stewart yelling “Fuck You!”. Jimmy Stewart impersonations will never not be funny.

  2. I for one can hardly wait for Talking Marxism. Bob’s a great host and I’m sure it will be an excellent addition to the network.

  3. For the first two-thirds of this episode it almost sounded like they’d never seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, I’m surprised they made it so long without mentioning it.

  4. As someone who spent a lot of time watching PBS at their grandma’s house, I can relate to suffering through Mark Russell comedy specials. And, man, this episode colored so much of my view on politics.

  5. Surprised you didn’t mention the reference of the veterans hall Lisa’s Speech was given was called “Veterans of Popular Wars” (which shows up in a few episodes)

    Basically its a direct slam at the actual “Veterans of Foreign Wars”. Long story short after the Vietnam war the American public detested the returning Vietnam vets, the left thought they were murderous baby-killers and the right though they were drug addicts who lost the war, especially among the “Greatest Generation” of World War 2 veterans. It got to the point that the VFW, then the second largest veterans support organization actively refused Vietnam Veterans from joining their ranks, under the flimsy excuse “Vietnam wasn’t a war since it was never declared”, and it wasn’t until the 90’s once WW2 veterans started to die off you actually began to see a change at the VFW (there was actually a King of the Hill episode about this very subject, where Cotton is forced to allow Vietnam Veterans to finally join his VFW hall to make rent) Of course this majorly bit the VFW in the ass as this meant that money that could have sustained their organization and local halls was lost for a generation and now they’re feeling the effects as WW2 vets die off and Vietnam Vets aren’t around to continue a steady income stream.

    1. Thanks for the info! I’ve seen that KotH several times but I never realized it was addressing a bigger issue. I guess I just assumed “Veterans of Popular Wars” was a broad dig at people who’d rather forget about Vietnam.

  6. Also if you want to hear more inexplicable left-wing rants in a Simpsons fan work, check out Chris Turner’s “Planet Simpson” book. It’s basically the author talking about the cultural impact of the show both American and global, things the show referenced a lot, as well as the authors own musings on his Simpson’s fandom. It’s an interesting book but bogged down by his politics, as he’s Canadian and as you can expect half the book is ranting about American hegemony, the Iraq War, American health care and so on. As you can expect for half a chapter he deliberately singles this episode out and ravishes it more than a million Bob and Henry’s combined could. It’s an okay book and you should check it out, mainly for his “Top 5 Best Episodes” and “Top 5 Worst Episodes” chapter since it at least provides some interesting in-sight from a Canadian superfan (He HATES HATES HATES bleeding gums murphy episodes for one)

  7. Bad news, everyone! Mark Russell the Prez writer is a comic book writer and cartoonist born in 1971, not the piano-playing old man parodied by this episode.

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