Perfect Strangers and Resident Evil debut, Muppets and Showzen return – Mar 25-31


This week in 1986 saw the debut of ABC’s Perfect Strangers, while in 1996 Capcom’s Resident Evil popularized survival horror video games and the Muppets tried their hand at another variety show. In 2006, Wonder Showzen and Kingdom Hearts both returned, making for a very interesting week indeed.

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18 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers and Resident Evil debut, Muppets and Showzen return – Mar 25-31

    1. Also from that album, “Phenomena” is a great track and “Warrior” is kinda pensive and always make me think of beaten down superheroes when I hear it.

  1. I played Resident Evil 1 for the first time last year when the re-re-release came out, and though I needed the help of guides to get through, I did mostly enjoy it. As a HUGE fan of RE4 & 5, going back to its roots and actually seeing the story I had heard about firsthand was a cool experience. I bought the Origins collection for PS4 and played through it again. Although the camera angles are still problematic, the new controls didn’t frustrate me much and I’m happy to have finally played through it a couple of times.

  2. I always thought Brick was about abortion and that Freshmen was about a friend of the lead signer’s GF who committed suicide after they were caught cheating. Or was that Adia by Sarah Mclachlan? All I know is that 90s’ music was the fucking best.

  3. This just so happens to be the week of my birthday, so I thought it’d be neat to share the gifts I received during the weeks featured in this episode.
    1986: Nothing. I had not yet been conceived.
    1996: Disney’s Pocahontas on VHS.
    2006: Metroid Prime Hunters and Resident Evil GameCube REmake.

  4. Jesus Christ you guys singing the Perfect Strangers theme (and knowing most of the lyrics) had me cracking up at work. I made a total scene.

  5. I really like this podcast, it fits well into the constant side stepping and tangents of Laser Time!

    I have one suggestion: When one song is dominating the pop charts week after week, why not discus what’s #1 on another music chart? I’m sure whatever was #1 on last weeks Alt Rock chart was more intresting than those Mariah Carey Celine Dion songs.

  6. I loved wondershowzen.

    I went to a conservative christian college and was required to take a course called Christian Values in a Global Society. Our final group project was to make a video about one of the Christian virtues. Our group was assigned patience.

    Needless to say, I included the clip of Clarences patience interview (including the old asian man). Here was a room full of conservative christians laughing at Wondershowzen. If only they knew what the true nature of this show was.

    Glad to finally find a group of people that appreciate wondershowzen like i do.

  7. Brett , your Capcom bias is (wholly unintentionally) showing. Despite the crap it gets, there’s not really much wrong with RE5. RE6 is kinda bad. It does a poor job at both action and horror. The gameplay is mediocre. It may not deserve the scouring games media gave it, but it’s just not good. Ehh, whatever, you don’t need to listen to me. I think it’s nice you have a soft spot for it.

    1. well, maybe i was in a bad mood when playing it. but it is middle of the road and not the diamond in the rough you seem to think it is.

    2. Hm not sure what you mean… I really liked 5 a lot (gave it a 9 after all) but my whole time at Capcom was filled with “BOOO RE5 SUCKS and is everything wrong with RE etc etc”… but, well it sold VERY WELL for years. That means it’s what people wanted. It didn’t sell well for 6 months and fall off a cliff, it was a substantial, undeniable hit that performs well every time it arrives on a platform. RE6 isn’t as fun for several reasons, IMO.

      That said, I think 6 has some fun moments and isn’t as bad as it was made out to be. Saw some really low reviews that surprised me. They’re entitled to their opinions of course but I never viewed 6 as a colossally bad game. I’m not in love with it but it’s not THAT bad IMO.

      1. I really liked 6 but I didnt play the chris campaign cause I didnt like 5.
        I also used to read the RE novels

  8. This is not Jim Henson’s voice! I watched Muppets tonight at the time, but I can’t handle hearing fake voices coming from the Muppets any more.

  9. This very well may be a minority criticism. I was disappointed by the heavy amount of video game talk on the episode. It’s understandable, since games are of course the guys’ wheelhouse. They’re mine too. But there are any number of places to hear an in-depth love letter to Resident Evil, even specifically a Brett Elston in-depth love letter to Resident Evil. I think this show does it’s best when it breaks off of the usual topics that whole LT podcasts are devoted to. Not to mention that Diana (the not so secret MVP of the show) tends to disappear when the guys deep dive into games, comics, wrestling, etc.

    My hidden agenda is that I recently recommended 30-20-10 to my soon-to-be-wife because I think it has an appeal outside of the usual fandoms. When VG discussions trail on like the Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts ones did, she would for sure lose interest.

    Do with that feedback what you will. I do really enjoy the show, including most of this episode.

  10. At the risk of needless hyperbole, the Perfect Strangers theme song singalong in this podcast was maybe the greatest moment in human history.

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