Agents of SHIELD “Watchdogs” Review

Agents of Shield, Watchdogs, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

New enemies, new weapons, and new tests. It’s not a video game — it’s this week’s SHIELD! Make sure you catch up before you read up.

The moment every SHIELD fan has been waiting for finally happened: the Shotgun Axe. Mack’s weapon of choice was crafted in haste, but man was it great to see the show actually go through with it. I’m hoping that they go all the way with it, and he gets a more permanent version (with shotgun icers of course) by the end of the season.

Agents of Shield, Watchdogs, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Well done, sir.

Mack himself was the focus of the episode, as the gaping hole left by Bobbi and Hunter hit him big time. We got a good glimpse into his personal life, something that we rarely, if ever, get for our agents. It was a nice change, and I really enjoyed seeing that part of Mack. And I’m happy that by the end of the episode his brother knew the truth, because I’m not a fan of the cliché “I can’t tell you what I really do because I’m a spy” story lines. Also, let’s be honest, how awkward was that scene where his brother drives in on the spy stuff?

It’s only fitting that the shotgun axe’s first victims were from the Watchdogs: the new terrorist threat focused on the ATCU and Inhumans. They clearly mean business, and their imploding bombs made quite the impression. And they aren’t even afraid to shoot those at actual people — Fitz could have imploded, you guys!

Either way, SHIELD always runs the risk of telling the same stories when introducing new organizations. But right out of the gate, The Watchdogs differentiated themselves with their guerilla warfare and Anonymous-like presence that distance them from even Hydra. I look forward to how the Watchdogs will make trouble for the ATCU in the coming episodes. If they’re willing to implode Fitz at the drop of a hat, who knows how dark they can get.

Agents of Shield, Watchdogs, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Dangerous dudes.

The emergence of the Watchdogs really brought out the worst in Daisy. Even against advisement, she sought and coerced information from a Watchdog follower. It was interesting to see this darker side of Daisy, as this new threat pushed her every button; they hit close to home for her by not only being Inhuman haters, but also being hackers — like she was before Coulson found her at the beginning of the show. The best part of Daisy breaking bad was the disapproving looks from Fitz as he was forced into her crusade. I was surprised that Fitz never actually spoke out against her.

Coulson had fun on his own, testing Lincoln as they hunted down leads regarding the hidden bases of Blake — a familiar face from Season 1! (Think we’ll ever see Gravitron again?) Coulson has vetted everyone besides Lincoln, so he has every right to make sure he can trust him. That said, I’m not sure this was the best way. Asking Lincoln to kill/severely harm the Blake he knew wasn’t really there? Hardly a test, if you think about it. But I guess all is good now between the two of them?

Simmons had an interesting development as she started training herself: getting saved by so many people is taking its toll on her. This next step for her character comes quite seamlessly, and I’m a big fan of the direction it’s going. And it was also great to see Simmons and May bond while starting their search for Lash. This season has made an effort to pair up different characters, and the trend continues — here and with Lincoln and Coulson.

Agents of Shield, Watchdogs, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

You go, girl!

This great episode introduced us to the dark threat of the Watchdogs. Personally, I hope their tactics get even more brutal as the story progresses, so that they can further make their mark on the show. Not only that, but we got a direct mention of the upcoming Damage Control show, and a news headline teasing Daredevil’s events in Hell’s Kitchen. My only real question is, when are we going to consistently use this Secret Warriors team?

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