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The entire Laser Time crew gathers to talk about the first match they watched LIVE all together. Watch along with us as we discuss the insanity that was WrestleMania 31’s ladder match!

WrestleMania is soooo close now, and we can’t help but look back fondly at last year’s WrestleMania, the one held right down the road in Santa Clara, California. We recently declared ‘Mania 31 the best WrestleMania ever, and it had one of the hottest show openers ever in the form of the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match. This also happened to be the final Pay-Per-View match for the recently retired Daniel Bryan, so we have a lot to say about that too. How can you watch along with us? There’s nothing to sync, you just need to use the embed below or go to LASER TIME ON VIMEO. In either case, you’ll need to enter this password: starbird

Laser Commentary – WrestleMania 31 Ladder Match from Laser Time on Vimeo.

If you want more of these, we regularly post new wrestling match video commentaries on the Laser Time Patreon. In fact, there’s another video commentary posting exclusively over there today, so head over there to watch it if you’re a $10 Patron! If not, we’ve got plenty of other great wrestling content here, including our Top 7 Wrestling Documentaries and our WrestleMania 31 behind-the-scenes video, embedded below!

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