The Monday Night Movie April Schedule

April MNM Schedule

The newest Star Wars arrives on Blu-ray just as baseball season begins and 420 arrives, brahs!

April Fools is over, so know we aren’t fooling around when we present this month’s Monday Night Movies schedule. These viewing parties happen every week and our lovely Patreon supporters get to watch some of our favorite films with us, and that includes past commentaries for Terminator 2, Back to The Future, and Power Rangers: The Movie. We select a different film each week and live stream our fan commentary every Monday at 6PM Pacific, exclusively for Laser Time Patreon members who pledge as little as $5 a month. BTW, that paltry $5 a month also nets you a bonus weekly podcast, the first season of Talking Simpsons, and much, much more, so why not treat yourself?

April has four Mondays, and each is scheduled around a special event, along with a community choice that we’ll leave up to our top Patrons. We start the month with…

Major League MNM

MAJOR LEAGUE – April 4th
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Who’d have thought the perfect combination for a baseball comedy would include Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Corbin Bersen, and Dennis Haysbert? This 1989 film about a down on their luck Cleveland Indians proves those are just the type of ragtag players to make the best comedy ever to involve Major League Baseball. Laugh along with us just as the first pitches are thrown at the start of Major League season.

Star Warss Force Awakens MNM

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Last year we did live commentary of every Star Wars film as we counted down to the theatrical release of Episode VII, and now it’s finally getting slapped on a disc. So, now we’re going to complete our Star Wars Monday Night Movie collection by chatting over last year’s super successful sequel that made us all love lightsabers again! That’s worth at least one quarter-portion of your Patreon support.

Half Baked MNM

HALF-BAKED – April 18th
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It’s the week of 420, so we’re obviously going to watch one of the most stoner-friendly films of the 1990s. For millions, this taught kids not just about weed, but also that Dave Chappelle was really funny, plus it gave Harland Williams the noteriety he’d coast on for decades to come. We’re not saying we’re getting stoned to watch this, but we’re not NOT saying that. BYOB, buds!

players-choice-mtm (1)


Just as we did all the previous months, we’re doing the usual community choice, and with no guidelines either. Sure, last month’s choice via the Laser Time Patrons in the $10 tier was dominated by a couple of high profile deaths, but hopefully we’ll be able to have some more normal, less morbid, choices this time around.


We hope this crop of Monday Night Movies got you jazzed for February. And just to make it clear, if anything as big as the death of David Bowie happens, we reserve the right to change this schedule on the fly. Hopefully it never comes to that though. Again, if you want to join in, donate to our Patreon at the $5 level. Just to have it all clear in bold text…

MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES begin every MONDAY @ 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME (unless stated otherwise) exclusively for Patreon members at the $5 level

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  1. I’m looking forward to Major League tonight and Force Awakens next week. Not sure how I feel about Half Baked

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