Cheap Popcast #78 – WrestleMania, Takeover, and Raw Reactions


Now that the epic weekend of WrestleMania, Takeover, and the biggest Raw of the year is behind us, a full quartet of Cheap Popcast-ers discuss their highlights before moving onto what our listeners would have changed at ‘Mania.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was a moment, move, or segment from WrestleMania weekend that you felt went under-appreciated?

17 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #78 – WrestleMania, Takeover, and Raw Reactions

  1. Other than their total mishandling of AJ Styles, why pay him all that money to go 50/50 with Jericho and get fed to Reigns, the American Alpha v. the Revival match was great. It got overshadowed by the other great matches on the show. I love old-school tag team wresting and I get the comparison to a Steiners v. Tully & Arn match. Chad Gable might be my favorite all-around performer now and I never thought Jason Jordan would be anything than just another guy with no charisma.

    1. The Revival were great, the only heel team I could call “dastardly” and yes, American Alpha all the way!

  2. QOTW: Finn vs Joe because they are both great wrestlers and work well with each other DESPITE some thinking Joe should have won, DESPITE Zayne/Nakamura being so good before hand and DESPITE many complaining that the medical team stoppages ruined it, which to be fair it did hinder the overall experience but I still think they worked through it, particularly Joe who clearly agreed with the crowd.

    Also Wrestlemania mostly sucked.

  3. I can’t believe i’m gonna say this but the ten female tag match during the pre show. It wasn’t perfect (Lana gave two-three kicks and that’s it), it was waaaay better than WWE normally shit out. Shout out to Naomi for attempting a cross body on Paige and landing on the ropes in a hilarious angle. Also it’s kinda shit how Brie’s retirement match was on the pre-show and not on the main show.

  4. I know you guys already mentioned how the Asuka Bayley match was overshadowed by Nakamura Zayn, but seriously it’s a damn shame because out of that context it’s an excellent match, Bayley really brought her A game in terms of offense more than ever before, and her not tapping but instead passing out was a fantastic finish, felt like a nod to UFC 196 and Holly Holm’s loss to Meisha Tate

  5. QOTW: What I feel was unappreciated was the Roman vs Triple H match, everyone just kept saying it was a horrible match and it wasn’t. Was it your typical Roman match, yes but what wrestler doesn’t have their own style of match besides maybe KO who is always changing it up. I enjoyed the match, I did not think it was a Mania level Main Event but I did think it was an average Mania match. One last thing to note is that the WWE did make a big deal out of stating that WrestleMania was Free this year and as I have found if someone gives you something for free it is usually below average.

  6. I couldn’t believe how hard I popped for Cesaro’s return. I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed him. Glad he came off so strong in that match.

  7. I think, with the possible exception of Jericho, all of the people involved in that 4-way (participated or otherwise) are amongst the “smark” favorites that WWE will push against Reigns for a heel turning sacrifice over the next few months. Just by having him beat these particular kind of guys, they can turn the vitriol into legit heel heat until it boils over in time for the return of face-via-injury-recovery Seth Rollins, who will be looking to get his belt back. Hopefully this is used to drive up an eventual legit feud between Reigns and Ambrose as well.

    Speaking of Ambrose, his Wrestlemania match went as I thought it would but with two major problems. One, a F5 into a chair is a great finish but it only works if a normal F5 has already been shown to not be enough. Two, after the bell, it would have been perfect to have Brock get Ambrose up on his feet and give him any sort of small nod of respect for taking him to his limit. This would have protected unbeatable Brock and pushed Ambrose up as further legit, despite yet another close call loss. Instead, Brock shoots a fire extinguisher in Ambrose’s general direction and gives him a big ridiculous laugh. Moral is Ambrose is a joke and is further growing into a guy who never gets it done when it matters (he’s NEAR won what? 7 straight big events?). I’m worried that by the time WWE is willing to pull the trigger on him, if ever, it’ll come by a time that people are already over him and may resent a sudden push (say, winning the rumble next year).

  8. The two biggest shows of the year and you guys spent all of 20 minutes talking about them? That’s about as disappointing as WrestleMania itself.

    1. Seriously! Love you guys but I feel like you talked about Takeover for like 5 minutes. I might have been zoning out while doing something else while listening so I’ll see when I re-listen to the episode. When there wasn’t a new episode last week I was excited about this episode because it would have the reactions but I feel like you guys barely spent any time on the matches.

  9. HHH not being the champion going in. Roman Reigns would not be getting booed out of every building if they were building him to just end the stupid Authority after screwing him out of the title that’s all you needed for Reigns’ match with HHH. But you add the title and you are tying it up with another inevitability that isn’t the exciting option. Now you put the title on Lesnar or anyone else and its another match that you put juice in. But no you have to stroke the ego of the boring big nosed doofus, the idiot daughter and Vince with his pet project having a moment they can edit to try and make epic.

  10. QoTW: The New Day match with the League of Nations, because it was a damning indictment of how creatively bankrupt the WWE is. By throwing out some old wrestlers for the cheap pops, it shows how weak the roster is in two ways. On one hand, the recent spate of injuries show how small the roster is; and on the other, by relying on relatively old men, the WWE is depriving current and new talent of their Wrestlemania moments. How are they supposed to become bigger in the face of ineffectual stunners and the Rock showboating and lying about ticket sales? Kaz and Enzo could have had an amazing intro as the same kind of charismatic heels that the New Day began as, between helping and harassing the Unicorn herd and burying the League. But no, we needed another clip of Stone Cold stunning a black man.

    Outside of that, I will admit that this was a rare episode where I felt disappointed because of how truncated it was. This Wrestlemania felt important and special in the sense that it was the perfect example of a diamond wrapped in dog doo. The death of the Crazy Town belt and the reemergence of the Women’s Belt is amazing and that triple-threat match was just as great to christen it. Unfortunately, it was surrounded by a lot of decent Raw matches and topped with a trio of shite headliners. I think it deserves more analysis and grousing, especially because it seems like a lot of other wrestling nerds are trying to take the “glass is one-quarter full” approach, so hearing more of Henry, Brett, and your opinions would have been great. Oh, and it is always good to hear from Chris “the King” Antista, hee.

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