Get Full-Length Versions of Thirty Twenty Ten’s Theme & Other Dotflist Oddities!


Ever wanted to hear the transcendent theme for Thirty Twenty Ten all on its own? Now you have the chance as Dotflist (aka Hot Dad) has put together a new album featuring podcast theme songs!

Laser Time’s favorite musician is at it again! Yes, Dotflist has another album available on Bandcamp, and Laser Time Network listeners may be interested in a few tracks. The new album, named “Songs I Made For Others” is a compilation of tunes that various programs have commissioned from the avant garde performer, including a trio of tunes related to Thirty Twenty Ten! From the crazy shifts of the original tune to the odd take for our April 1st episode, you can hear those full tunes on the new album, which is streaming below!

If you want to download these tunes, you can do so with any donation to Dotflist’s Bandcamp page. Just resist the urge to use one of these to open your podcast or show, since they’re already spoken for. Also, to celebrate WrestleMania, Dotflist made a new wrestling theme for Goldberg. Check that out below!

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