Wonder Woman’s Epic Life Explained In Our Newest Video


Who is Diana Prince? What’s Wonder Woman been doing for more than seven decades? Find out in our newest video…

We gave Batman V Superman a pretty harsh podcast review, but the one thing we all agreed was good was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. It was a long 75 years to her big screen debut, as we discussed on Laser Time’s comic book podcast, Cape Crisis. And the newest Superhero Spotlight breaks down her history even more, including some images to back up the crazy stuff we mention in Diana’s long history!

And this is just the most recent of our spotlights! Learn all about Wonder Woman’s co-stars, Batman fighting Superman!

And then there’s our profile of Netflix’s biggest star, Daredevil!

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One thought on “Wonder Woman’s Epic Life Explained In Our Newest Video

  1. I’m so glad you do these, especially with DC heroes. I’m a lifelong Marvel fan and God damn it is hard to figure out a characters history in DC when I try to get into it. Your spotlights really pull out the meat of what is important. Really great work.

    This probably isn’t the place to ask, since it’s not in the official Cape Crisis thread, but I have an Ask Hank question after all the Balder’s Gate controversy.

    What are some, if any, trans characters in comics? I’m sure I could google it, but I’d like to see your more professional take on it one day.

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