Murder She Wrote, Martin’s movies and the Unabomber gets busted – Apr 1-7


Looking back this week we find Bryan Cranston guesting on Murder She Wrote, Martin Lawrence dominating screens across the country and the Unabomber in jail. Barry Bonds also sets the record straight on his totally legit home run record and Lucky Number Slevin is a movie that exists.

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25 thoughts on “Murder She Wrote, Martin’s movies and the Unabomber gets busted – Apr 1-7

  1. My friends and I have theory… Edward Norton doesn’t show up in bad movies. I am sure this theory has a flaw… I would appreciate someone pointing me in the direction of a bad Edward Norton movie to continue the discussion within my friend group.

    1. You know, I actually worked on Death to Smoochy. When I read the script, I was excited because it was – I swear – one of the funniest scripts I had ever read. I can totally see why Ed Norton signed up for it. But frankly, DeVito made a mess of it.

      1. Death to Smoochy was a guilty pleasure for my brother and I when we were growing up. We had a little sister who loved Barney and we quoted many lines from this movie.

  2. If the Patreon reaches $10,000/month, Hank should be given carte blanche to force the rest of the LT crew into a 6-hour long table-top game session.

    1. I am totally down for this as long as I don’t have to dress in black and walk around the rec center with my arms crossed pretending I’m invisible.

    2. I was going to say the exact same thing: Patreon stretch goal, live streaming Vampire: The Masquerade gaming session with Hank as the GM/Storyteller. Full on LARPing with Mr. Antista dressed as Grandpa Munster. (I may have said too much about my private fantasies)

  3. wow, the beastie boys insound from way out is the closest you guys have come to touching hip hop history happening around these periods 94-96. this makes me sad, but okay i guess. i loved ISFWO i still own that album. senior year in high school.

    I feel really weird about hearing the Martin theme song. it takes me back to a weird era in my life, being a black kid growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta. I really feel like that show changed black comedy for all of time. for good or bad (mostly bad) we still get the echoes of his over the top comedy. I’ll admit, there are levels of the self hating black man with me, but that show did something to black culture, my journeys on the train were different, people acted different, people I knew were suddenly behaving different. whatever, it’s all in the past. mostly.

    finally Henry I would play a tabletop RPG with you any day. I couldn’t get any of my friends to play that stuff with me. I was the loneliest geeky black kid in all of atlanta.

    1. You’re right – hip hop is a major MAJOR topic we have limited knowledge of. (I’m pretty weak on music after 1995, honestly. I’m a classic rock fan, so grunge worked for me, but everything else…)

      And I’d tabletop game with you. As long as I don’t have to dress up. Because we need to grow the geeky southern black kid community! Come out of the shadows, and bring your Asimov books with you!

  4. That segment on White Wolf rpgs was awesome and hilarious, it hit very close to home. Godspeed, Henry Gilbert!

  5. That 120 Minute archive is unreal…I always thought Matt Pinfield would have made a good Ben Grimm.

  6. the back and forth about the RPGs: so insanely good. Thanks so much, this might have been my fave LT episode.

  7. Oh my god, Henry… poor Henry… After that RPG bit, I just want to give you a hug. Thank you for being so open and honest about your past hobbies and interests. I was in a very similar click but would never have eggs to admit it on mic.

  8. By the way, steroids are illegal for the purpose of bodybuilding. You require a prescription from a doctor for anabolic steroids, for legit medical reasons and not for performance enhancement. That’s why it’s such a big deal – because it is illegal for these ball players to take steroids, being a Class III controlled substance.

  9. Just a correction (more because it’s fun to say than actually correcting Henry):

    The Philadelphia Eagles have not won a Super Bowl. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    (They did go to SB 39 and lost to the Patriots.)

  10. Good christ, I had forgotten that the “Black Knight” poster really, really looks like it should be a 30 Rock prop.

    And I’m gonna join the chorus of people suggesting that you guys livestream some kind of table top game, if only so we can experience Henry roleplaying as Lancaster.

  11. I love the lengths Brett goes to connect songs to the segments.

    Also cool to hear from another Goodman, love the classic corner segment.

  12. Angela Lansbury’s second cousin is the current Prime Minister of my country.
    It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad…

  13. I was listening driving on a highway and literally drove off the road for a second when Henry said McNabb was a Hall of Fame, Super Bowl winning QB.

    I’m fine but stopped me car to laugh at the situation. Then White Wolf games talk had to pull over again from laughing at Henry.

    Love this show

  14. I’ll increase my Patreon pledge, I’ll record 5 minutes of 30, 20 and 10 years ago sports recap if it will take looking up and discussing sports off your plate.

    Willing to help poor Henry out with that.

  15. It’s always funny to hear Henry go off on subjects he doesn’t know a lot about. Donovan McNabb was never a Super Bowl winning QB. Also steroids may have been illegal in baseball since 1991 but they didn’t have testing till 2003. That’s like setting a piece of bacon in front of a dog and trusting him to not eat it. I admit it’s likely Bonds was using steroids but he never tested positive once they started testing. MLB was hurting very bad after the labor strike of 94-95 and steroids brought a renewed interested with the McGwire-Sosa home run race. I know I never enjoyed watching baseball as much as during the steroid era.

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