Star Wars Rogue One’s First Trailer Is Epic & Mysterious


The first-ever full-length trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has arrived, and it’s equal parts ominous and amazing. Check out the first bits of story and new characters for 2016’s top sci-fi movie!

Much like a pack of stealthy thieves set on stealing Death Star plans would, the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer planned on sneaking out but ended up making a lot of noise. Despite a quick announcement of a new trailer to air on Good Morning America, now that the first look has landed, we can’t help but keep watching. In fact, we’ll do so again with the trailer embed below!

Even though the plot is still pretty thin, a few neat things jumped out at us. For starters, Rogue One is taking notes from Force Awakens and putting another strong woman front-and-center. Even though her story is taking place decades before Rey’s (and some time before A New Hope’s for that matter), Jyn Erso has a similar look with a slightly more curt demeanor. Plus, she’s more of a brute force user than a Force user.


From there, we get a look at the Empire’s growing power, including the first non-destroyed Star Destoyer that we’ve seen in a Star Wars movie in over a decade. Props to whoever made the moving shadow in that reveal look like a transition wipe straight out of the original trilogy.


After that it’s time for the new character parade, which is headlined by two characters presented in distinctly different fashion. We start with a dapper member of the Imperial Army, shown from afar, who’s likely to be one of the biggest obstacles between Rogue One’s group and the Death Star plans. Then there’s Forest Whitaker’s character, who is shown close-up, delivers a speech in between a warning and words of advice, and limps on screen like a mixture of Yoda and Ghost Dog.


Regardless of where he stands, it’s good to know that Rogue One’s rebels will include a badass who beats back stormtroopers with a decidedly un-lightsaber-like blunt weapon (but with the style and strength that rivals even the most proficient saber-weilders). To follow up on that beatdown, we’ve got some madcap action capped with sprints away from Empire soldiers and towards towering AT-ATs.


The trailer closes with that look at Jyn in enemy territory, now looking more Empire-y than ever. Is it a cover for the heist? Does she join the Empire? Could she look any more badass?


Anywho, there’s a lot to unpack in the near-two-minute trailer and you can rest assured that we’ll spend the next eight months decrypting this and any other Rogue One trailers that hit before December 16. Soon enough we’ll know if any Bothans died for the original Death Star’s plans…

17 thoughts on “Star Wars Rogue One’s First Trailer Is Epic & Mysterious

      1. I like the illusion that i have more money with coins plus i can do some sick dives in my coin pool

    is it just me or does forrest whitiker BELONG in the star wars universe?
    he just… fits
    i also like that it takes place ANH, but only juuuust barely. like while all this is going on, Luke is at home crying about going to toshy station or something. haha

  2. Idk how I feel about modern action with Star Wars, seems the stormtroopers dont stand a chance against someone skillful like Jason Borne and I empathize with them so it hurts me to see them hurt.

  3. This trailer had everything! It had AT-AT’s, non beam swords, and capes! The Walkers didn’t look like models but hey if that’s my biggest complaint then Disney is doing fine. I’m really hoping from some Rebels tie but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Over Episode 7 and the upcoming 8, this is the one I’ve been VEEERY interested in. I always prefered Star Wars Expanded Universe games (not so much the comics and books), and this story of “Rebels plan steal Death Star plans, hijinks (and death, a 40 year old spoilers you fucking millenials) ensue” interests me far more then sexy ass Daisy Ridley being a force goddess all over the place (like my Darth Revan and Exile ladies were in KotOR).

  5. The actress portraying Mon Mothma is the same woman from Episode III. Glad they got her back for continuity. I hope this is a nice stand alone story set in the SW universe and not that start of some other ongoing saga.

    Also, having Kyle Katarn cameo would be great, but I know that won’t happen.

    1. That Kyle Katarn looking guy in the trailer named hasn’t been announced yet. I’m still holding out hope. Why hold his name back if he isn’t someone we might know?

      Also the main girl’s character name sound a lot like Jan Ors.

  6. That Star Destroyer shot when you realize it’s not in front of a starscape but the operational lights of the Death Star was a mind blowing moment, and really gives well deserved gravitas to something that’s become trivialized after we’ve seen it blown up twice (three times if you count it’s big brother, Star Killer too).

    Seriously though whoever came up with the idea for that shot deserves a fucking medal.

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