Star Wars Rogue One’s First Footage Revealed!


Ahead of the teaser trailer releasing tomorrow, we’ve got the first few seconds of Star Wars Rogue One today. Check it out here!

It’s only been a few months since Star Wars: The Force Awakens revived our love for the Star Wars franchise (in fact, you can now buy the newly released Star Wars Force Awakens Blu-ray), but we’re now seeing the first footage of the next movie in Disney’s ever-expanding universe with the pre-teaser for the December-due Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Check it out!

Yep, as far as teasers go, that’s a pretty teasy tease. Still, getting a look at the two seconds of Rogue One footage does showcase what seem to be Shadowtroopers standing in the waste of a destroyed battlefield. Are they hunting the Rebels who were looking for Death Star plans? Is Boba Fett in this scene? If not, is Alan Tudyk? If anything, we’re ravenous for the relative deluge of info after that scant cast image and the two seconds of Star Wars above. Heck, we’re planning on waking up early and actually watching Good Morning America to find out more!

There better be a part in the teaser where the cast poses like this...
There better be a part in the teaser where the cast poses like this…

What do you think of this early look? Will you be waking up early for GMA and the teaser? In the meantime, enjoy some of our wonderful Star Wars content, including the Worst Changes in Star Wars History and our look back at The Force Awakens’ trailer, shown below. Also, if you’re a Laser Time Patreon supporter, get your copy of The Force Awakens ready for our live commentary next Monday!

One thought on “Star Wars Rogue One’s First Footage Revealed!

  1. The trailer is out now. I love it! I fell in love with Felicity Jones and her acting skills when I saw Theory of Everything. Now I get to see her in a Star Wars film! All I need is Emma Stone to be in one and i’m all good. Also the other cast members are cool too. I’m interested in what Forrest Whitaker’s character is gonna be like. No doubt half of these characters will be Disney Infinity figures.

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