Kingdom Hearts – Part 3: Traverse Town feat. Final Fantasy


After what feels like a year, Sora finally unites with Donald and Goofy. Final Fantasy finally shows up, only to, uhh… don’t make us spoil this +15 year old masterpiece. Just come on it!

We finally get to hear from the mouths of adult-grown Final Fantasy cast members… only to be murdered in the back by one of them. Gawrsh! Whatevs, it ain’t all bad! After an eternity of exposition, Sora finally aligns with Goofy and Donald, and we all learn to smile at ourselves. Enjoy ya’ll!

Have you ever wanted to visit/revisit an ancient and beloved game but you didn’t wanna do it alone?! Well, we can’t help you. But you can join Chris and Elston as they journey through the HD Remix of Kingdom Hearts in Laser Time’s first ever long play series every Sunday. Will our intrepid heroes make it all the way through the entire game? We hope not, but let’s see how this stupid little adventure through Square/Disney fandom goes, huh?!

Previously in Kingdom Farts:

3 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts – Part 3: Traverse Town feat. Final Fantasy

  1. Setzer from FF6 shows up in Kingdom Hearts 2, he doesn’t look much like what I imagined he would based on the sprite from the SNES game.

  2. As much as I love this game, I don’t think the part in Wonderland where you have to find the evidence holds up, mostly because it was annoying even back then.

    Also remember when Maleficent was an awesome villain and not a tragic character we should all empathize with? If any of that live action reboot horse shit makes it into KH3 I’ll will be sad indeed.

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