Revisit Laser Time’s Star Wars Debut Before The Force Awakens Free Monday Night Movie!


With Star Wars’ side story on everyone’s mind again, and Force Awakens starring as this Monday’s FREE Monday Night Movie, what better time to revisit the first-ever episode of Laser Time, which stuck it to the saga’s sad spinoffs!

With everyone on the internet (including us) gushing about the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Force Awakens serving as the next FREE Monday Night Movie (buy Force Awakens on Amazon), we can’t help but look back at a darker time for the epic sci-fi. In fact, the mothership for this network was based on four garms journalologists bitching about Star Wars. While you can hop all the way back to the original episode page and download it, wouldn’t you rather have easier access to the one that started it all? Like, say, on YouTube? WA-BAM!

Yes, FINALLY, classic Laser Time has come to YouTube. We definitely have plans to bring more of these to YouTube, though keep a few things in mind:

THESE ARE THE BEST WAY TO CONSUME OLD EPISODES: For the purposes of advertising, most companies don’t care about download numbers past a month or two. However, YouTube gives the old episodes new life and ad opportunities, so if you want to hear our five-years-younger dulcet tones bitch about Star Wars, fire up that video!

WE HAD TO MAKE SOME MINOR TWEAKS, SORRY: We tried to make them as seamless as possible, but in order to keep from incurring copyright strikes, some audio clips we played had to be pulled. In most cases, that means 1-2 minutes getting cut from the ‘casts. It’s like when Beavis & Butthead came to DVD without the music videos, but with way less cuts. However, that does mean that certain “listening party” episodes may not make it into the LaserTime YouTube archive.

7 thoughts on “Revisit Laser Time’s Star Wars Debut Before The Force Awakens Free Monday Night Movie!

  1. Cool a classic! This is a great way to share with my friends who still don’t understand Podcasts and the audio magic within!

  2. I remember listening to this when it came out back in 2011, as I sat in my first period art class as a high school sophomore… and now I just finished my sophomore year of university. Glad LT has always been a constant in my life, and this was a great first episode y’all.

  3. This is awesome. I’ve been actually going through old LTs this past weekend, but I think the one on Spotify only go back to 2014. Thanks for making older cast accessible.

  4. What is this “Batman the Podcast” of which you speak? It sounds familiar yet so distant… but it was about Star Wars, not Batman. What, you guys trying to be ironic? 🙂

    I’m just being a dingus, I love going back to basics. But my gosh, Chris sounds sleepy here compared to just about everything else later. Even then, he was better at podcasting than I can probably ever hope to be.

  5. The only thing that kept me sane on long, dark deployments. Despite the fact that all of you shlubs are insufferable bleeding heart liberals, I love ya to death. Long live Laser Time!

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