Titanfall 2 Teaser Promises Swords & An E3 Reveal


E3 must be around the corner, as we’re starting to get the first teasers of the show’s top games. Check out the first look at Titanfall 2’s deeper story and mech-compatible swords!

The original Titanfall exists in a weird plane of reality where it can be considered both overrated AND underrated. It may have been hyped to hell and back as the Xbox One’s biggest exclusive, but it really felt (and looked) like a shooter that couldn’t be done justice on previous-gen consoles. It may have had a short shelf life as far as popular multiplayer shooters go, but you can rest assured that a quick jump online will almost always still pack some excitement and action into a short timeframe. With that in mind, the prospect of a new Titanfall is pretty alluring, so the first-look trailer has re-deployed our excitement.

The Titanfall 2 teaser doesn’t show (or tell) much, but what we can glean is promising. The emotion-filled voiceover seems to indicate that there will be more of a narrative than the tacked-on cutscenes that introduced stages in the first Titanfall. More importantly, your Titans can now wield swords, which should make for even crazier mech battles, though that indicates that you’ll have even crazier moves at your disposal as a soldier to avoid the behemoth blades. Fortunately, we won’t have to wildly swing in the dark at answers for very long, as the teaser promises a more thorough reveal two months from now, just ahead of E3 2016.

What do you think of this first look? Are you a fan of the original Titanfall, or did your interest, er, fall off?

2 thoughts on “Titanfall 2 Teaser Promises Swords & An E3 Reveal

  1. Titanfall, along with Dead Rising 3 and Sunset Overdrive, was the most fun I had playing the Xbox One during the first year. The addition of a story mode might be nice, but I had a blast just playing the multiplayer alone with the first one. It was a perfect multiplayer design for me: the speed, the addition of AI enemies you can kill to boost your team, climbing up building with relative ease, and the balance of Titans being powerful but not too powerful. Can’t wait to play the sequel.

  2. Really liked Titanfall, and I was actually pretty good at it. I did have a few issues. Lack of single player made it feel like there was so much lost potential. I really wanted to know more about the universe that was created. Also, I felt a bit of a disconnect with the combat due to all the AI bots running around. It did make the battlefield feel more alive, but at the same time it made the game feel oddly impersonal. You could go entire rounds without encountering another human player, but take down tons of dumb bots. They really need a human-only gametype.

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