50 Years Of Black Panther In One Handy Video!


The King of Wakanda is appearing in his first movie just as his 50th anniversary passes, so we explain his long bio in this week’s Superhero Spotlight…

I’m really proud of Laser Time’s comic book podcast, Cape Crisis, but I can understand that sometimes you need a truncated version when you’ve only got 10 minutes for comic book history. That’s why in this week’s Superhero Spotlight we go through five decades of Black Panther’s heroics in one handy YouTube vid. Take a look!

And this is just our most recent. Why, what about T’Challa’s occasional pal, Daredevil?

And don’t forget another long overdue movie debut: Diana Prince herself, Wonder Woman!

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One thought on “50 Years Of Black Panther In One Handy Video!

  1. I like the shorter run time for the video. It is a nice tease for the full podcast. I can also imagine that a 30 minute video can be daunting for someone just googling a hero’s origin. I’m happy with whatever you guys want to do with these video I just want more people to hear the good word of the Laser Time Network.

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