Marvel Trading Cards Analysis – Super Heroes Part 4


We’re wrapping up our look at the most popular do-gooders in the 1990 Marvel trading card set! Learn about the Punisher, Wasp, Iron Man, Storm, Longshot and more!

That’s a wrap for the good guys! Whuddya say, folks? Wanna see the Super Villains next?! While you figure that out, catch up with our look at Marvel cards below.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Trading Cards Analysis – Super Heroes Part 4

  1. I owned the ’91 Marvel cards with the stats on the back; that’s how I got introduced to the character Speedball. I was shocked when I got the internet a few years later; I tried to find out more about Speedball and got a bunch of AskJeeves results about heroin and cocaine instead.

  2. hey hey! i fuckin love Long Shot! Art Adams made me love comics like the new mutants and x men because of the Long Shot one shot he did. I always thought his four fingers were the weirdest thing to see, but I love his luck ability I don’t think they ever did much good with it.
    so, are you guys going to go back and do a video of the cards you skipped by accident? y’all should’ve used the checklist.

    can’t wait for the villians

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