Cape Crisis #184 – Green Arrow Takes Aim


Hank, Chris, and Dave discuss DC’s top archer, along with ALL the big news about Marvel and DC films, plus your answers to your QOTW replies…


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Cape Crisis #184 Question: What comic character can you never take seriously?

And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #184 – Green Arrow Takes Aim

  1. Haven’t listened to the episode yet but I know none of you are caught up on Arrow which is a shame. It kick started the current DC TVverse and has been consistently good. It’s also the only time I’ve cared about the green arrow.

  2. Favorite quote from the episode is Chris saying “There is nothing better than knowing you’re right than an entire studio (Sony) giving up”. Said in regards to Sony cancelling Amazing Spider-man series to team up with Marvel.

  3. Hank,

    Long time listener, first time Ask Hank question asking guy. I picked up the Spider-Man Epic, Great Power. It contains issues 1-17. I’m about half way through the book and honestly have trouble staying awake when I read these early issues. When do they start having multi-issue story arcs? Should I expect the tone of the comic to stay the same while Stan Lee is writing? What are some of your favorite issue between issue 1 and 100? Thanks.

  4. I’m not mad that a white person has been cast to play one of the few Asian roles in the Marvel universe, I’m just disappointed.

    I’m half Chinese, and I’m just always excited to see anyone even geographically close to my racial heritage enter the mcu. There are so few Asian characters in Marvel, and in popular culture in general, that losing one to Tilda Swinton is kind of a downer.

  5. If you could pick only one artist/writer combo to read new material from them for ever, who would you pick?

  6. The first two seasons of Arrow are really good, but 3 and 4 are a huge drop in quality. They lose clear focus and start giving too much time to Felicity, an annoying and useless character with too much generic teen cw drama.

    1. I agree, batmanboy11. First two seasons of Arrow was really strong, and I think the first half of season 3 was pretty good too, but plot regarding Ras Al Ghul afterwards was not well-executed. Season 4 started off decent but like you said, too much time was spent on Felicity and her character suffered for it.

      For example, Oliver finds out he has a son and promised the mother (Samantha?) of her son that he can’t let anyone know. However, when Felicity later finds out that Oliver knows he had a son, she gets angry with him for not letting her know because she thinks Oliver is again being secretive. Even though Samantha told Felicity that she made Oliver promise not to let anyone know, Felicity remains angry at him. Her character took a sharp down turn this season.

      Another mis-step this season was the “grave scene” in the first few episodes. This scene was supposed to create a mystery because it was 6 months later than the present time, so there was “who’s in the grave?” thinking. This was a poor decision because the writers hadn’t decided who would have died which means they had not plotted out the rest of the this season. So, they wrote themselves into a corner without even knowing how this season would progress but had already made the decision that someone significant will die.

      On a positive note, Flash has been consistently good throughout the first two seasons. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall off in season 3 the way that Arrow had.

  7. QotW:

    I know Archie comics has an extremely popular and long running Sonic the Hedgehog series. I never liked Sonic. I never liked the video games and any spin off media seems like either something meant to cater to 9 year olds or something meant to cater to weird, creepy furries. I don’t think you could ever make Sonic cool to me, especially not in comics.

  8. I read the summary of C3-P0 getting his red arm on Games (?) Radar, and that was enough for me. I didn’t have any plans to actually read side crap from the movie, the way I don’t get to playing too much DLC that comes along after games, so I don’t feel like it’s spoiling anything if I just hear about what it’s all about from someone who has read or played it. It’s sort of like deleted scenes on a movie, you can kind of fold it all into your view of what the full story is, even if it wasn’t in the regular movie.

  9. So, yeah. I’m the Twitter user Christ threw under the bus for the BvS comment. The whole point of my post wasn’t to say I’m right and you’re wrong; it was trying to say: You seem genuinely incredulous as to why some people were pissed at you over BvS, here is why I think that is. I wasn’t trying to be mean or whiny or snarky about it. But, whatever. A month from now we’ll all be happy for Civil War.

  10. I saw a theory on Tumblr on the reason Marvel might have whitewashed the role of The Ancient One. The gist of it heavily paraphrased:

    “The character of The Ancient One (or “TAO”) is Tibetan and the government of the People’s Republic of China thinks they own Tibet. They invaded it back in 1950 and have fought against any major dissension of their claim to it ever since, be it political or otherwise. The Chinese government was not happy, and a boycott was on the cards if the character was depicted as Tibetan instead of Chinese.
    Marvel can’t just make TAO Chinese, cause that’s a big insult to the Tibetan people, and they can’t make TAO Tibetan because then they lose a billion person audience AND could potentially sour US/China relations (yes, the Chinese take this THAT seriously) Also factor in the monetary influence of China’s huge film market.
    You could say “well why not switch to a different Asian culture entirely”, but then they run into the mire of treating Asian cultures as an amorphous blob that are easily interchangeable, which is not a good thing to do and would likely get them called racists. Which in itself was an additional minor reason for the change, since the original Ancient One had some pretty tired and stereotypical Asian trope nonsense going on.”

    Is this the actual reason? i don’t know, but it seems a very likely theory.

    1. That would be quite an extreme reaction from a government due to a fictional character in a movie. but the world is a little nutty these days.

  11. As someone who loves comics/wrestling/anime the most when they are at their weirdest; I was wondering what your favourite absurd comic arc was. Not the best absurd arc, but your favourite.

    Also if you have examples of the latter 2 mediums I’d love to hear about those as well.

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