Critters, Tomb Raiders, Giant Peaches and… Bernie Mac! – Apr 8-14


This week in 1986, carnivorous Critters terrorized America and Clint Eastwood became a mayor. In 1996, James’ giant peach was delighting audiences worldwide, while 2006 marked the end of the Bernie Mac show and a new beginning for Tomb Raider.

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16 thoughts on “Critters, Tomb Raiders, Giant Peaches and… Bernie Mac! – Apr 8-14

  1. When you started talking about the Wild, I knew people who work on that movie, and heard some really interesting stories about the production.

  2. I haven’t thought of or watched James and the Giant Peach in forever, but man, I loved that movie so much when I was younger.

  3. I love how Coolio could be put on a list of actors in both Marvel and DC films thanks to his appearance in Batman & Robin at the racing circuit Batgirl goes to.

  4. I had no idea “Merchant Ivory” was two names. I always assumed it referenced some sort of Victorian era African trade term.

  5. Man when you guys played Bad Day, my mind jumped back to 2005 when I was just ten years old. That was a part of my 2004-06 formative years. Oh to be that age again when I didn’t have a care in the world.

  6. As a colossal Pavement fan, I was a little worried that their amazing rendition of “No More Kings” would go overlooked, but good on you Hank for giving it the spotlight it deserves. To all you Pavement fans out there, I highly recommend you check out their performances on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast on YouTube. They’re introduced as the Beatles and perform a spastic, incoherent cacophony followed a mellow and melodic slacker jam.

  7. I remember seeing James And The Giant Peach in theaters, it took me a long time to see the ending because the film stopped working and probably burned out. I was quite disappointed leaving the movie.

  8. While nearly every episode of this fantastic podcast gives me some sort of entertainment sleeper cell/PTSD flashback, this is the first one that hit super close to home.
    The town of Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show is based on Mt. Airy, North Carolina, which is where much of my extended family hails from. For many years, my family would pass by nearly a dozen different diners claiming to to be the ORIGINAL Aunt Bea’s Cafe while on our way to see my grandparents. My Dad watched the Andy Griffith show like it was a documentary about his childhood.
    While that would be enough to make me feel a nostalgia tremor, the real kicker was when you played the Ernest clip advertising the Andy Griffith show on WDBJ-7. That is the television station from my childhood hometown, so I saw that exact advertisement countless times as a kid. The idea that a random commercial for syndicated television from my backwoods hometown would be viewed on Ernest VHS tapes all over the U.S. is nuts.
    Great episode, gang!

  9. Confession time, around the time I absolutely loved Scream and ended up being obsessed with the first Scary Movie because of it. I can still to this day do the rap that the killer does while getting high and killing everyone. As a huge fan of Scream it was just great at the time to see a straight parody of one of my favorite movies.

  10. I can’t believe you brought up Critters without mentioning its most famous cast member: Critters 3 starred Leonardo DiCaprio!

    Also, I’ve noticed a pattern regarding confusion over release dates in 1986 – it was not uncommon back then for movies to have rolling release dates. IE: Week 1 – East Coast, Week 2 – West Coast, Week 3 – Midwest, Week 4 – South, etc. Back then, movies weren’t one-week wonders that made most of their money in the first ten days of release, but counted on word of mouth and months of release in theaters to gradually make money. Hence, something like The Money Pit hitting no. 1 well after its first week in release. Things were different back then.

  11. As a rural Indiana kid, I loved Critters. The characters and setting was totally recognizable to me. The whole series was pretty fun.

  12. As a direct response to Henry geeking out over Pavement, “Pavement” is also my favorite episode of my favorite show, Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast. The premise of the episode is that Space Ghost wrote it, and not surprisingly the whole thing ends up terribly disjointed, unplanned and incomprehensible, even by SGC2C standards. Before the fake commercial break (which is merely a pause), Space Ghost teases a “Meet the Beatles” segment. When the show returns, he replaces it with a completely different bit, and, when “the Beatles” finally show up , it’s Pavement instead! What’s more, the band doesn’t even play any album tracks. They jam over an interview with Goldie Hawn, and then jam again at the end of the episode. The amazing thing is, the second song they play might just be my favorite thing the band has ever done. It’s impossibly good, way better than it should be considering they only did it for the show, and barely anyone has or will ever see it. Fortunately, Pavement included the session on the special edition re-release of their album “Brighten the Corners”

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