Let this new Godzilla Resurgence trailer irradiate your soul


We haven’t heard much about ol’ Shin Gojira / Godzilla Resurgence since its December teaser, but today Toho unleashed a proper trailer for its all-new take on its radioactive menace.

So… lots to say here.

First, I LOVE the dramatic, almost horrific treatment of Godzilla’s arrival. Instead of a billion fast cuts or droning Zimmer horns, we get a sad, slowly rising sense of dread. Watch in despair as all our tanks fire their rounds into Godzilla’s impervious shins!

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The fiery orange look isn’t entirely new – fans may remember it from Destroyah – but it looks especially cool alongside Zilla’s new reptilian visage. He sure does look like a giant, radioactive lizard on the verge of a meltdown.

I also really enjoyed the emphasis on his tail. Even in close up shots we are constantly reminded of this insanely long appendage (??) and the extra damage it could do as Godzilla carelessly stomps around the city.

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All that said, I leave with two concerns. One, Godzilla is standing almost completely still in most of his clips. The tail is active and alive, but the body is kinda just looming. Maybe not an issue, but something to consider – they did say they’re using all the SFX Japan can muster to make this look good, so here’s hoping.

Two, please god(zilla) don’t let the movie devolve into a special Godzilla task force or a group of specially trained teens or some other version of this division / group nonsense that chokes the life out of so much anime. Military factions? OK, fine. But hnnnnnn please don’t have teens with powers or weird mech suits or Matrix flips, each with its own freaking logo and costume. Just be a movie about a man-made monster that we struggle against all odds to stop.

Godzilla Resurgence is co-directed by Shinji Higuchi (live action Attack on Titan, storyboards on Kill la Kill) and Hideaki Anno (aka Mr Evangelion) and lands on July 29.

11 thoughts on “Let this new Godzilla Resurgence trailer irradiate your soul

  1. I had a genuine feeling of looming creepiness, something I haven’t felt since the original film, after seeing this trailer. Very much looking forward to this, although I do share the concerns of Mr. Brelston.

  2. That tail is huge and they definitely wanted you to know it.

    I don’t think your second concern will be a problem, they wouldn’t have went on this long of a hiatus just to come back with the same ideas that sent them into the hiatus.

  3. It seems strange after all of toho’s flippant remarks about 2014’s godzilla (knockin me out with those American thighs) , that they’d go with the red/orange version of godzilla

    1. The Earth definitely was quaking when ‘zilla shock me all night long.

      With all the people shown on screen I’m reading into it that this “nuclear destruction-parable” has been updated to a more current “over-population/urban density allegory” which is cool to go with what will surely be some dope-ass destruction.

  4. Given the title and some other remnants/rumors I’ve picked up so far, Godzilla may actually evolve with more power he gains. At least I hope so because, not exaggerating when I claim to be a huge life long Godzilla die hard fan, I’m still not sold on the appearance.

    And yes Bret, I to share your concerns over the plot turning anime. It ran throughout the Millennium series, Final Wars being the biggest offender but at least that has many monsters and was not taking itself seriously, unlike what I’m seeing here.

    That said I like the tone (if they stick to it) in the trailer and the sense of dread they’re conveying. Even the half practical, half CGI effect looks good. I’m looking forward to it!

  5. This looks cooler than I would have anticipated. So long as it doesn’t end with half of Godzilla’s head sticking out in the middle of a blood ocean, I think this could be one of the better films of the series. I’m hoping it’ll at least beat 2014’s American Godzilla, which was serviceable but could have been better.

  6. well, I like what I see. I should say, your prayers will most likely be answered, Anno may come from anime but he’s done live action and definitely understands giant creatures in a city. As you pointed out he’s the father of Eva and might I add is also a big fan of Tokusatsu shows like Ultraman (obviously when looking at his college era films) I don’t think he’ll be injecting any giant mech power by the tears of emotionally distraught teens in this. No, I think he’s going to reach deep down into his despairing, depressed, dark little soul and another this film with it. Prepare thyself for a haunting and depressing but most likely really awesome and compelling Godzilla movie. can’t wait.

  7. I’m not really a fan of the red look and I feel like the tail is too long, some of the shots make it look miles long. But overall my interest is peaked and I look forward to seeing it.

  8. Come on, Brettu, believe in the chirdren!

    Though seriously, I am concerned, too. Final Wars was made by a lot of talented people who came from the worlds of anime and videogames and, in my eyes, turned out to be the worst possible adaptation of the NES Godzilla: King of the Monsters game. I think this film could be similarly off, though, at the least, we may have to deal with a bit less uncomfortable sexualization of teenage girls. That is a plus. For now, I will admit his design is odd. With the little arms and super giant chest, it is like the suit designer took lessons from Rob Liefield.

    Ugh, I wish I could be more excited. Though here is hoping this reboot can lead to an interesting Halloween 3-like treatment where Godzilla is just an element, even if one of those movies will probably turn him into Gamera.

  9. I really got worried when their was 50 quick cuts in a row of people’s faces, but even more so Godzilla just looked like he was really stiff. The whole time we see him walking through the city the only things that move are his feet and tail but his entire torso and face were frozen in place as he just stared blankly into the distance. Maybe when this comes out we should do a Godzilla Monday Night Movie with the most recent US version ( I still think it was genuinely good, but hey I owned a Godzilla ’98 toy too so I’m no expert).

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