Vidjagame Apocalypse 159 – Games Based on Media Based on Games


Ratchet & Clank’s arrival this week sparks a Top 5 discussion about that great and rare Ouroboros of modern media: Video games that got turned into movies and TV shows, and then back into games based on those movies and TV shows. We then dive into a fevered discussion of Dark Souls III, touch on Titanfall 2’s multiplatform reveal and take and earnest look at your favorite sports games.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite Batman or Superman game? (We may be more likely to read yours if you pick a Superman game and somehow make a solid case for it.)






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13 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 159 – Games Based on Media Based on Games

  1. The top 5 makes me think of an old XPlay quote, something like “Lego Indiana Jones: The Movie – The Game.”

  2. It’s not quite a wholly Batman or Suoerman game but I loved the Justice League game for the GBA. It was given to me when I was only 6 years old. I still have no idea how I made it through the game with my dumb kid brain, but it was a fun side scrolling adventure with huge sprites that all had their own individual powers. I have not played or seen this game since I owned it, but I hope it’s still as much fun as I remember it to be.

  3. Favorite Superman game (and Blizzard game by proxy) is easily The Death and Return of Superman for the SNES. It’s pure nostalgia but I’m a sucker for old 16 bit beat em ups and I remember my older brother thinking it was awesome way back when we had a Super Nintendo. I still own a cartridge of the game I bought on Ebay when got a SNES again in middle school.

  4. I’ve long been fascinated by that Spy Hunter game starring the Rock, just because it’s such a weird remnant of a movie that could have been! I feel like with all the Fast and Furious movies still making a ton of money a Spy Hunter movie in a similar vein could still work.

    My favourite Superman game is shadow of apokolips. I played the GameCube version. It’s based on the 1990s Superman animated series, and featured voicework by many of the show’s cast.

  5. That SNK Double Dragon fighting game : Hank said it was Japan-only, but I played it at least a dozen times at my local arcade in King of Prussia, PA circa ’94 or whatever.

    Also: Wow Hank is REALLY down on Viewtiful Joe.

    That initial Gamecube game was pretty great at the time! Granted, I’ve never seen the anime, played the sequels, etc….

  6. You guys keep forgetting Street Fighter V when talking about there being no exclusives. You might not care but a few million of us do.

  7. Dave’s assertion that the Souls games are “just 6 hours of gameplay padded by difficulty” would certainly change if he actually played them, got gud, etc. 😉

    Souls games are among the most replayable games ever,, there are hundreds of hours of fun packed in these things!!

  8. I could not agree harder with Mikel about Final Fantasy 12 and 13.

    The fact that the entire point of those combat systems is to set up the game to efficiently play itself as possible just boggles my mind.

    Usually, I don’t have to spend $60 to NOT play a game. NOT playing a game is free.

  9. God, I wondered where the hell that Spy Hunter movie had gone. Or DIDN’T go, I guess. I’m glad I never picked up its game, given its reception you guys mentioned, because I was certainly at risk of getting it (spies, cars with guns, and James Bond shit was all I was into at the time).

    As far as Ratchet & Clank goes, I must admit I made the same assumptions, Henry. The series just appeared to be “Nintendo, but naughty, snarky” or whatever to me. Not at all what I wanted at the time. I’d dismissed it just from the trailers, and I think Jak & Daxter was roped into those same assumptions. Maybe I’ll go back and try one some day, now that my tastes have grown/changed.

    Also: Dammit Rudden, you’re right. I guess the time span between playing those two NBA games was so short, my oblivious shithead younger self somehow never differentiated the two in memory.

  10. My favorite “Superman” game is still Injustice: Gods Among Us. The Elseworlds story of a Superman pushed too far, wrapped up in the mechanics and spectacle of modern Mortal Kombat, with much of the regular voice cast from the DC cartoons made this game a fan-service laden fiesta.

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