Free Monday Night Movie Alert – Half Baked Celebrates 4/20

Half Baked MNM

It’s 4/20 week, and we want you all to spark up and join us for the greatest pot film on the 1990s…

If you don’t follow the Laser Time Patreon (and you REALLY should be a part of it), we’re making a change to the Monday Night Movie commentaries! From now on, the live stream of the commentary will be open to whoever can show up on time, though the archive/MP3 version of it will remain exclusive to our wonderful Patreon members (and did we mention that as little as $5 a month on the Laser Time Patreon is 100% worth it?!?!). So, what are we going to be watching, live, RIGHT HERE at 6pm Pacific time? A film fitting for people our age on the week of 4/20…

Yup, the film that introduced America at large to the genius of Dave Chappelle, along with his sleepy-eyed friends and the best “I Quit!” scene in cinema history. If you want to watch along, the good news is the Half Baked is on Netflix currently, and you can also buy the Digital Download on Amazon if you’d prefer that!.

Watch live video from LaserTime on

In the meantime, get a taste of how these streams go by watching our previous freebie, and then get up to date with the rest of April’s schedule in case you feel the need to join the Patreon.

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