Laser Time – Episode 420


In celebration of weed’s birthday, we discuss the history of 420, talk about when we’ve toked, listen to clips of the best weed humor and music, plus we take some pot… quizzes!


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21 thoughts on “Laser Time – Episode 420

  1. I’ve never tried pot for a lot of reasons, mainly due to the fact that it stays in your system for 10-20 days and there is a law in Australia that prohibits you from driving with it in you even if the effects wear off. I do see the health benefits though. Ban Tobacco and legalise Pot!

  2. Chris’ 420 facial hair last year for that stream has become synonymous with the day in question, as far as I’m concerned

  3. I love that Dr. Dre’s “2001” was brought up (strangly the album was released in 1999) altough i would like to say the best pot song on the album is the one after “The Next Episode”, the track “Lets Get High”.

  4. I never really had any interest in weed until I moved to Seattle, and even then barely. Just not my thing, and I hate pot culture. That all said, I love making fun of it, and I really hope the 420 kid returns to do a special stream this week!

    Looking forward to this episode! 420blazeitnoscopeMLG bros!

  5. I’ve never tried weed, or any drugs for that matter, but as Hank said during the episode “the man” definitely got to me and I still haven’t been able to shake the stigma around weed. You guys at Laser Time definitely make a good argument for it but even after you guys talking about it for years now I still don’t want to try it. Everything that demonized pot when I was growing up really stuck with me, I guess.

  6. Duuuude! As long as Deputy Dip E Booty doesn’t harsh our buzz…

    Dam, so close to the 20th of April to. 4/18 will do I guess. Also if anyone here has yet to watch Reefer Madness, pure unintentional comedy.

  7. Thanks so much for using the Maniac Mansion music on this.

    First time I got high, friends had offered to drive me to the grocery store if I bought them a six pack (I’m nearly blind and don’t drive, and they were underage, so this was a frequent occurrence in college). They didn’t tell me they were going to smoke in the car and Hot box it despite knowing I didn’t want to smoke. After being surrounded by smoke for 15 minutes, I said “fuck it, gimme the pipe.” They handed me a bowl made out of tiny lumina fittings, lit it, and I inhaled as deeply as I had seen them do. The grocery trip was a disaster, as I retry much lost the power of speech and sent fifteen min oohing and aahing at Beast Wars toys.

    1. also the trailer park boys is the best example of a modern comedy series that establishes itself with substance abuse.

  8. True story about High Times Magazine:

    In college, I took a bullshit course on social deviance to get enough credits to get my BFA. The professor who taught the course was an extremely active marijuana legalization activist. No matter what the ACTUAL subject of the course was (body modification, chubby chasers, polygamists, etc.), the class ALWAYS came back to pot. He was That Pot Guy Who Only Ever Talks About Pot.

    Anyway, one day, he had the CEO of High Times Magazine in our classroom to give a talk. If I had to describe him, he looked like a George Carlin impersonator. He was actually very knowledgeable and a lot more interesting to listen to. The one story that stuck with me was that the original founder/CEO of the magazine passed away. The surviving founders of the magazine took his ashed to the roof of the World Trade Center, rolled the ashes up, and smoked him. He told me that story six years ago and it still sticks with me to this day.

  9. Reminds me of one of my favorite weed clips of all time from that 70s show. Red’s idea of what is going to happen if he leaves Eric alone with his friends is a straight up 30s propaganda film. My favorite line bieng “Marijuana is the bees knees!”

  10. It was great that the only time I hear people talking about a whole bunch of bands I like was their names as strains of weed (and how many you pulled out of doom metal).

    Also I’d say “Sweet Leaf” is one of my favorite songs to start with a HUGE bong rip that causes the track to skip as it starts, and literally says I love you to weed.

  11. The first time I ever got high was at my prom’s after party. I went to a really small high school (with a graduating class of 28) so we had prom at a rich classmate’s mansion rather than rent out a hall. After the official prom ended we broke out the drugs and alcohol, and everybody sat in a circle and passed a blunt around.

    I took a single huge toke, and, my lungs not being used to smoke, started coughing up a storm. I ran into the house and drank as much water as possible, before going back outside and lying down on the grass. I spent about an hour there, during which time everyone was looking for me and apparently really worried, and one of my friend’s prom dates mounted me.

    After I was finally found, I went back inside the house and ate an entire Tupperware container full of brownies on my own, because I’m a cartoonish stereotype.

  12. what was that sound clip at the 2/3rds break combining the Azumanga Diaoh OST w/ “smoke weed every day”!?

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