The Best New Amazon Releases: Star Fox Zero Revenant


The biggest new Wii U game of 2016, the movie that won Leo his first Oscar, and the new season of the tech worlds best comedy round out this week’s top Amazon releases!

After tough tax deadlines, there’s no better way to relax than by celebrating 4:20, mannnnn. We’ve got Half-Baked packed in as our next Monday Night Movie, but there’s plenty more entertainment that you’ll dig just as much as the sweet sticky icky. Entertainment you can get via the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon!  There’s a huge Nintendo release, one of 2015’s most critically acclaimed movies, and a good collection of cult classics. Even if these products aren’t up your alley purchasing ANYTHING on Amazon after clicking any link on this page sends a small commission back to us. Also, if you buy the physical edition of any new game listed here and have Amazon Prime, you’re gonna get a sweet 20% discount. Welp, let’s check out the sweet new games and Blu-rays!

Star Fox Zero
If it does indeed turn out that the next Legend of Zelda ends up on NX, Star Fox Zero may end up the biggest WiiU exclusive of 2016. The first original (non remake) Star Fox game in a decade, SFZ follows closesly to the Star Fox 64 formula, keeping Fox and friends off their feet and in a transforming ship. That’s already a good sign, as we weren’t the biggest fan of Star Fox Adventures, but early review scores from Japan have also been a good sign. Even if we wish that it could use the right Gamepad thumbstick instead of the WiiU’s internal motion sensor for aiming, you can bet we’ll be taking Zero for a ride on a stream somewhat soon. Don’t forget, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can explore space at a 20% cheaper rate!

Lichdom: Battlemage
Maybe Dark Souls III isn’t your speed. Maybe you want an RPG with a bit more story, a bit more talk, and a bit more fairness. Well, you’ll get at least two of the three with Lichdom: Battlemage, which earned good reviews on the PC when it released on that platform a year and a half ago. It’s a firm but fair fantasy with plenty of customization and sweet spells to discover during an epic adventure. You can explore Lichdom: Battlemage on PlayStation 4 via the link above or you can join the fight on Xbox One, but buying either physical edition with an Amazon Prime membership will snag you this treasure for 20% less!

Langrisser Re: Incarnation – Tensei
Remember Warsong on the Sega Genesis? No you don’t. That’s the last time that folks outside of Japan were able to enjoy the Langrisser franchise. After 25 years, the tactical RPG series is now back on western soil with an epic 3DS RPG that offers up hundreds of hours of gameplay and a variety of unique endings. If you’ve got no more Shin Megami Tensei to play, Langrisser might be worth your while, especially of you’re an Amazon Prime member who can claim a 20% discount!

Zombie Vikings
How many years has the zombie craze been going for? Since the likes of Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead made zombies the perfect video game fodder, we’ve seen the undead spliced with almost every possible combination; pirates, nazis, ninjas, plants, you name it! However, Vikings haven’t sailed into the zeitgeist in quite some time, so this actually feels like a fresh pairing! From the developers of the quality PlayStation 4 launch window Stick It to The Man is this undead-powered multiplayer beat-em-up, where you can team with three other players and form a mega zombie! After getting some good word of mouth on Steam, this should be a welcome PS4 release, and you’ll know for yourself for 20% less if you’ve got an Amazon Prime membership!

The Revenant
We may FINALLY have all of the many 2015 Best Picture nominees on Blu-ray, but they saved one of the best for last. Sure, The Revenant is a little slow, but director Alejandro G. Iñárritu certainly earned his statue for capturing the harshness of the American wilderness and the grittiness of the frontiersmen who made their living in the great outdoors. It’s a brutal tale of revenge that was unlike anything else at the Academy Awards, and even though Leonardo Dicaprio deserved more of an Oscar nod for the likes of The Aviator and Wolf of Wall Street, his role in The Revenant is nothing to shake a stick at.

The Stuff (Special Edition)
Ah, here’s a quintessential  1980s sci-fi horror movie. The Stuff (a top-tier bad movie night candidate if there ever was one) is a great low-budget flick about an addictive food product called The Stuff that turn consumers into zombies. If you thought They Live was too cerebral, The Stuff’s message is much clearer and about 10 shades dumber. However, the goofy special effects and camp 1980s feel is more than enough to make The Stuff a cult classic, and this Special Edition adds even more of The Stuff to sink your teeth into!

Silicon Valley: Season 2
While Girls gets all the headlines, Silicon Valley is the hidden code in HBO’s current comedy success. With one of the best ensembles on television (which includes amazing talents like T. J. Miller, Martin Starr, and Kumail Nanjiani) and powered by the uncanny comedic direction of Mike Judge, Silicon Valley has proven to be a spectacular skewering of the tech-obsessed world right down the road from Laser Time studios. It toes the line between dumbing things down (hi Big Bang Theory) and drowning the audience in insider jargon, and the second season had a nice mix of irreverent comedy and tech world intrigue. With the third season imminent, there’s no better way to get caught up on this great comedy.

Miyazaki fans should not miss this sale!

The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki is the most celebrated animator of the last 50 years, and for good reason. Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke are some of the most fully realized worlds ever shown in theaters, capturing the hearts of people from just about every age and part of the planet. Now that he’s retired, Amazon has an exquisite looking special collection of every feature length film Miyazaki directed all in one box set. Plus, there are some fantastic bonuses as well that will likely justify the price. Currently it’s less than $180, which is a fucking STEAL. If you love animation, BUY THIS.












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