How to Dark Souls III


WARNING: Chris is a total scrub, however, Brelston is well versed in the world of Dark Souls! Come along with us and let’s learn the intricacies of the latest death dealer from From Software together, in Laser Time’s fabulously informative walkthrough for Dark Souls III!

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One thought on “How to Dark Souls III

  1. Dammit Chris! That felt like when I used to try to backseat drive while my brother played games. “Turn around. No that way. A little more! A 180!”. And when you just bolt into new areas in a souls game its nerve racking! I could hear it in Elston’s voice a couple times! Good stream though and you did a hell of a job! A far cry from your Bloodborne stream back when. You’ve gotten better. Can’t wait to start this game after I mop up my DS2 play-through. Love you guys. You should do the episodic dark souls stream like the kingdom hearts one.

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