Beavis and Butthead Do the Genesis


To celebrate this o’ holy day of slow-minded meandering, we’re checking back in with MTV’s famous dormant duo! Grab your favorite four hundred and twenty paraphernalia and join us!

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One thought on “Beavis and Butthead Do the Genesis

  1. I was once playing this game as a little boy, and I called my dad into the room to show him that I could make Butt-head fart. I did not know my dad wasn’t home, but my 90 year-old great-grandfather was. He heard me calling and slowly hobbled across the house with his walker. It was very difficult for him to move at this age. I did not want to show my great-grandfather my command of Butt-head’s farts, but since he had walked all that way, I did. He wasn’t amused. He passed away not long after. Poppy, I am so sorry one of your last afternoons involved watching me press a fart button.

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