Talking Simpsons – Homer Defined


Homer saves Springfield from destruction for the first time ever and Bart loses his best friend in this series defining episode…



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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer Defined

  1. Fun fact: The next episode Like Father Like Son aired on Oct 24th 91 which was the day I turned a whopping 2 years old!

  2. Hank, I believe the Greeks bearing gifts line is a line from Virgil in reference to the Trojan horse, but that’s hilarious that your teacher said it was about Aristotle Onassis.

  3. Gerald Ford was also weirdly active in trying to prove the existence of UFOs. He always contended that he never believed in aliens, but he was aware the American public were concerned about what they were and wanted to help allay their fears.

    To this day the most-requested things out of the Gerald Ford Presidential Library are UFO-related. Clinton’s library has that same honor, oddly enough.

  4. Magic Johnson contracted HIV, and 20+ years later looks more healthy and virile than ever…is that the ultimate example of pulling a Homer?

  5. That toupee on Burns made me laugh really damn hard. For whatever reason, despite this being a really good episode, until I started watching it I had totally forgotten about it. As far as season 3 goes, I still think Bart the Murderer is better as that episode and its jokes stuck with me better.

  6. Lovitz didn’t make up any Greek, just pronounced some words pretty badly, they translate to “it is his joy to work,” and that doesn’t make a ton of sense grammatically….but Greek is a pretty tough language so on behalf of my people I’ll cut him and the writers some slack.

  7. My wife is a teacher of 5th graders and I just had to share that she gets invited to everything. Birthday Parties, the kids’ sporting events, skate parties, and everything. It’s something I’ve always thought was weird but she says the kids absolutely love if their teachers come to things. My wife says she ended up really liking it because it helps her connect with some of the more problematic students and can sometimes turn things around and help them try more in school.

  8. I have Virtual Springfield on disc! I might find the need to keep an offsite backup just in case. If you are still looking for it, Lmk

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