Cape Crisis #185 – Winter Soldier Chills Out


Hank, Chris, and Brett discuss the sidekick who couldn’t die, along with some interesting comic news, and a couple intriguing Ask Hank questions…


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Cape Crisis #185 Question: What Silver Age comic would you suggest to someone?

And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #185 – Winter Soldier Chills Out

  1. Ahh, excited to see the Winter Soldier get a superhero spotlight! I can’t say I’m well versed in pre-Winter Soldier Bucky but I love the Winter Soldier from Brubaker’s run and onward. So much so that he was my first (and so far only) character I’ve cosplayed.

    1. No, that’s a shitty reply and Captain Marvel was more of a Golden Age character anyway.

      Now I don’t have enough knowledge of Silver Age characters, other than reading some of those big fat black and white Marvel essentials of Spider-man, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. And of these 3 I can still recommend the comics drawn by John Romita Sr. He works really well with the Steve Ditko stories, keeping Spider-man more in the vibe of the sixties and seventies, with hippies, groovy teens and civil rights activism in the background.

  2. Ask Hank: Have you ever read any of the old non-DC/Marvel comics? I am talking the Shadow, the Phantom, etc? What are your thoughts on those? have you read any of the modern versions and could you recommend any?

  3. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Chris loves Teen Titans Go. I will admit there are certainly funny parts of that show. But those characters are like the Always Sunny of cartoon superheroes. Everyone on that show is a selfish dick, and it only seems to get worse as the show progresses.

    As a fan of the original Teen Titans cartoon, that show wounds me on a regular basis. But it’s hard to stay mad, because the show creators are fully aware of this(they pretty much do a whole episode about how much better the original show was and how annoying they are now).

    Amazing World of Gumball is an infinitely better show. That show is consistently hilarious and meta, and actually has some likable characters in it. More than any other show on right now, I feel like that’s the show that picks up the Tiny Toons/Animaniacs torch.

    1. I don’t personally watch a lot of cartoons that are airing right now but your description of Teen Titans Go is pretty accurate to what I hear the general consensus is on it around the Internet. It sucks to hear Chris rave about shows like it and Ultimate Spider-Man multiple times while skipping over other shows that commenters have told him in the past were genuinely pretty great. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Spectacular Spider-Man are what immediately come to mind and it’s not the first time I’ve heard someone here recommend Amazing World of Gumball. Eh, but watch what you wanna watch I suppose, just kinda wanted to get that off my back.

      1. What’s especially painful is when Chris said that this show might be a generation’s first exposure to Robin.
        Robin in this show is just the WORST. Every other character on Go is basically just a Flanderization of their Teen Titans characterization. It’s just their old traits turned up to 11.
        Robin in Go is like the exact OPPOSITE of his characterization on Teen Titans. He’s just this abusive screaming asshole that is obsessed with people thinking he’s a cool badass that his Teen Titans character actually WAS.

  4. Ask Hank: So I recently picked up volume 1 of Hickman’s Fantastic Four run and it introduced me to the idea if the Council of Reeds and the evil shit they do like turn their Dr.Dooms into vegetables. So my question is it there a good collection that shows more about these guys and 616 Reed’s interaction with them?

  5. I’m actually a huge fan of old silver age comics, both Marvel and DC. Sure they’re hokey, but that’s what I enjoy about them. Silver age DC in particular was just so weird, creative, and playful. That said I understand why they don’t appeal to a lot of super hero fans, they aside from the very basics they don’t have a lot in common. It’s important to remember that back they were being written for children, so comparing them to more adult targeted superhero stuff is really apples and oranges. For Marvel I’d suggest the Jack Kirby Fantastic Four, the first 100 or so issues of Spider-man, and Captain America. For DC, Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Legion of Superheroes, and Doom Patrol are all good bits for batshit insane fun.

  6. I don’t know how bad you want to watch Captain America Civil War before everyone else, just wanted to let you know that it opens in Mexico a whole week earlier April 29th.
    Most theatres will show it in english with spanish subtitles. You can take a trip to Tijuana and get the scoop ahead of time for the podcast.

  7. Ask Hank: Henry, do you feel there can never be a thing as too much Batman, or have you grown tired of his potential overexposure as of late?

  8. Ask Hank: Ever seen the old Batman or Superman serials? Or the George Reeves Superman show? The radio shows? Any thoughts on those?

  9. Ask Hank: What is a death scene in a comic that shocked you the most or simply made you say WTF out loud? I decided to read Ultimatum when all the Secret Wars stuff was starting and it was announced that the Ultimate Universe was dying. That book had so many unnecessary gruesome deaths, some of them actually made me feel sick. The obvious one is Blob freaking chomping up Wasp’s insides. But, the one that really caught me off Guard was Dr Strange. He’s literally in the book for maybe two pages max, and in it he faces off with Dormammu. Within just a couple panels, Dormammu simply squeezes Dr Strange and pops his head open like a goddamn pimple. WTF was that seriously?! What was the point? It really served no purpose to the “story”. It was just quick side thing that shows Dr Strange going out like a punk.

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