Debbie Downer, Tim Curry’s Legend and Bulls on Parade – Apr 15-21


30 years ago this week Tim Curry became the best movie devil of all time, while in 1996 Rage Against the Machine debuted their biggest track to date. And in 2006, the entire cast of SNL can’t keep their shit together while Silent Hill skulks into theaters and HDDVD becomes a thing.

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21 thoughts on “Debbie Downer, Tim Curry’s Legend and Bulls on Parade – Apr 15-21

  1. Maybe I’m insane, but that Silent Hill movie was okay? Not GOOD by any stretch of the imagination, but it was more of just a mediocre horror movie than an absolute disaster like almost every other video game movie. Although, it did misinterpret what Silent Hill was as a concept, but you know.

    1. Honestly as far as video game films go this is great. Fairly accurate(ish) and the soundtrack is on point, dig the bleak as fuck ending too.

  2. …did I just hear Diana say, “Tangerine Dream is so bad”??

    She means ‘bad’ like 80’s Michael means ‘bad’, right?? ;-[

    1. I was just going to say that!! Dianner can dislike the Tang all she wants but people stating something is “so bad” as fact when they just don’t like it is just super lame. Tangerine Dream, along with Yellow Magic Orchestra and ELP are the biggest influences on the classic (& modern) video game composers that are so celebrated on this site. Have some respect!

    1. I’ve been trying to find the sequel online, but can’t find it anywhere (not even…less than legally.) I really want to watch it now. I want to watch everything with Jean Dujardin, honestly – he’s freakin’ hilarious!

  3. I will still buy physical media movies on dvd and blu ray, I started building my collection again and forgot how much I miss them. Why? well it’s a physical representation of my tastes and I love the extras, behind the scenes and commentaries is what I like to get from them. sure it takes up room, but its worth it for the love of movies and cartoons.

  4. Wooo I helped with this week’s episode in a small way! I’m always happy when my YouTube uploads of old commercials get put to use. (It was the Honeycomb commercial by the way)

    That reminds me I’ve got an Alf thing I need to upload for you guys.

  5. I was about to turn 10 and I remember getting to stay up late to watch Al Capone’s vault and everyone talking about it the next day at school, even though we were all in 4th grade. Amazing how big that was at the time.

  6. I really liked High Tension when it came out, or rather I liked the parts of the movie before the nonsensical twist end. Then a year or so later, I read a book by Dean Koontz called Intensity. I realized that the first 90% of High Tension, which is the terrifically-plotted intense horror evasion and chase scene portion, WAS LIFTED WHOLESALE FROM THAT NOVEL. I’m not exaggerating, every single story beat of the movie before the twist ending is pretty much beat for beat from the first half of that novel. When people called the director and screenwriter on their flagrant plagiarism, they had the gall to try to play it off for years and always said it was parallel thought and that they didn’t steal from Koontz without crediting him. After a long time of people slamming them, they admitted they “may have gotten some inspiration from it.” Those asshole thieves. If you get caught plagiarizing and have the nerve for it to be so blatant, at least be up front about it.

    1. That’s funny, I had actually thought that at the time and never thought about looking into it. I remember the actual movie for Intensity not being too bad either. Ahhh the old days of thinking Koontz was good until you realize every book is near identical and is just a formula of mad gabs basically. Used to love False Memory then a couple years afterward read Sibs by F. Paul Wilson and it was very very similar but so much better, also think it was out before Koontz’ False Memory.

  7. jesus christ Henry, do you have to trot out your fake social justice outrage every chance you get? Give it a rest, no one wants to hear it.

  8. I don’t know what the recording schedule for Thirty Twenty Ten is but I’m seriously crossing my fingers for some in-depth Beast Wars talk for next week’s episode as the first episode aired Sept. 16, 1996.

    1. Ugh, I meant April 22, 1996. Although looking now, Transformers fan sites consider April its premier but Wikipedia states September so take that as you will.

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