Vidjagame Apocalypse 160 – Non-Japanese Ninjas with Heidi Kemps


Special guest star Heidi Kemps of rejoins the show this week, just in time for a discussion about our favorite improbably non-Japanese ninjas. Then it’s on to talking about Star Fox Zero and the rumored PlayStation 4.5, after which we tackle your favorite Superman and/or Batman games.

Question of the Week

Have you ever bought the same console more than once?



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20 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 160 – Non-Japanese Ninjas with Heidi Kemps

  1. QOTW
    Yes I went through three gamecubes because they kept getting there laser reader messed up. My third one I think still works

  2. Henry and Chris both couldn’t recognize that “Hey Poppy!” soundclip!!

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    That’s why Heidi rules…she knew right away <3 <3 <3

  3. QOTW: I bought a PlayStation in early 1996 but by year’s end I found myself playing Saturn and N64 more, so I sold it. Bought a new one in 1997 so I could play Final Fantasy VII at launch. That PS1 I never sold, eventually just tossing it in a closet.
    Technically I “bought” a second PS3 to replace one that broke after six years of use, but it was from a friend at a bargain price.

  4. QOTW: For the Christmas 07 I got the Halo 3 Special Edition 360 with its baby puke green coloring and 20 GB hard drive, and for a while all was good. That console and I stayed together through a red ring, several issues involving lack of HDD space, and my growing lack of interest in the Halo franchise. But in 2010 the siren call of the smaller, more efficient, and bigger harddrived Xbox 360 slim dealt the biggest blow to our relationship. Soon I made plans to sell off that puke green dinosaur to the highest bidder and introduce myself to the new design on the block. The biggest insult to injury? I had both of the 360s plugged in as I transferred my save data and arcade games to my new beauty as the old 360 watched. Of course the new 360 fared no better as in 2012 I bought a super slim PS3 and became a Sony supporter, and now it serves as a display piece!

  5. QOTW: I bought a 2nd 360. I had a launch model and it did red ring, but I still chugged on with a refurb from MS. When I moved out of a bedbug infested apartment I decided to practically trash everything and bought a slim when I got into the new place. Good times.

    1. Also… a console I would buy a second time: the 3DO. I had one back in 1994 and I would seriously love to have one again. I mean, it was horrible, but there’s so much nostalgia in that machine for me.

  6. Both my wife and I were hardcore squid kids last year. We started out playing Splatoon by passing the controller back and forth and about a month after putting about near 70 hours into it we decided to buy a refurbished Wii U from Nintendo directly. We ultimately sold it on craigslist after two weeks because Nintendo has terrible networking and we couldn’t connect to a lobby together about 3/5 times.

  7. I have purchased three different consoles two times. The boring replacements were for my Xbox 360 and DS Lite. My tragic/funny/stupid console replacement was when I had to replace my original, fat style PS2 for the slim PS2. The reason I had to replace my PS2 was becasue from age 6-7 I used my fat PS2 as a step stool because I was too stupid to get a chair. One day, I was standing on my PS2 to grab a game from my collection 1.5 feet above my seven year old head, I heard a crunch and I was standing in the guts of my PS2. I cried so much becasue this was my first and only console that I physically broke. One month later, my I given a used, slim PS2 as a replacement. I am 19 now and will NEVER use a console as a step stool again.

  8. I bought four of the eight Dreamcast that were sold world wide. Seemingly every Dreamcast was unique in what CD-R media it was willing to read and for some reason I was determined to get NesterDC running on one of them so that I could live the dream of playing NES games with a Dreamcast controller. Third time was a charm but that one got stolen. I eventually got a fourth with an import copy of Fire Pro Wrestling D.

    I bought two Nintendo 64. The first one when it was new, but I sold it quickly due to a shortage of quality releases compared to PS1 and PC at the time. I bought a second one cheaply at the end of its life so I could play WWF WM2K and No Mercy.

    I bought two Nintendo DS Lite , which were very slick but were no gray brick Gameboys in terms of durability.

  9. QOTW: Last gen, I bought 3 Xbox 360s (one red ringed and was out of warranty, the second was closing in on red ringing and I traded that in for a Slim), two PS3s (original 80 gig’s network port and bluray drive failed), and six, yes six, 3DSes (launch 3DS for me, 3DS for my ex girlfriend, Red 3DS XL that I lost, Blue 3DS XL to replace it, Zelda 3DS XL, traded in the blue and Zelda 3DS XL for a New 3DS XL)

  10. Oh, and as a kid, I had a launch Game Boy, an ice blue Game Boy Pocket, and a clear purple Game Boy Color.

  11. I went through 3 PS2s. When it came time to buy a new console, one of the reasons I bought a 360 was because I thought they would be more reliable than Sony’s offerings. Yes, in hindsight this is hilarious, and my first 360 red ringed within 8 months. I got a free replacement for that one, and was actually relieved when the second one red ringed after a few years because I had just upgraded to an HDTV and the older 360 models didn’t have HDMI ports. I bought a slim as a final replacement and it still works to this day.

  12. Well it’s great to know that anime has no place on this website. There’s already enough horrible places online that spew garbage and utter nonsense about japanese animation and that’s only counting the ones made by people who claim to be fans.

  13. Qotw: back in 2007 i bought an xbox 360 from best buy. Unfortunately about a year later my system quit reading discs. Luckily I had purchased the two year warrenty and with the money i was given, I was able to buy a new 360 with a bigger hard drive and a new warrenty. Thank goodness for price drops

  14. QOTW: Yes I have, i own 2 PS3s. I have a Fat 40GB PS3 since 2009 until one fatidic afternoon around october 2014 died by the Infamous Yellow Light Of Death while i was playing Gran Turismo 6. I took it to a repair shop but they told it could die again… so one month later it did. It was time for a new console but i gave a try at repairing it myself so i could transfer some data to the new one and not re-download everything. Luckily it worked, i buyed a new 12GB super slim PS3, and was able to transfer some data after some tinkering with a couple of HDDs. The thing is i thought that Fat PS3 was on its death bed, but is still alive and well today, so i have 2 PS3s.

  15. QOTW: Much like Henry, my PS1 had to be flipped around to function (I even got a story about my system published on (RIP). So I bought the adorable PSOne which I played with for about a month before being distracted by alcohol and general hooliganry.

  16. QOTW: I did get the glacier Game Boy Advance, and later a black Game Boy Advance SP that was bundled with The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap. That new backlight, clamshell design, slick black finish and the fact that it came with the new Zelda game was enough to push me to upgrade, and I still love that system.

  17. In yet another tale of the Xbox 360…

    When #3 red ringed on me (#1 and #2 had as well years earlier), I figured that I’m clearly out of the extended Microsoft warranty (it had been 4 years since purchase). And since that was my regular gaming night with my old college friends, I jumped in the car and bought the latest version (#4) in the local Target. After a night of playing on my new Falcon chip-set console (the slim wasn’t available yet), the next day I took a chance and called 1-800-4myxbox and they still honored the warranty. So, I got my ‘coffin’, sent #3 in, and a week later, got #5. Since I had a friend that would come over on my gaming nights, he delighted in not having to split screen, or bring his own console, and would play in the spare bedroom upstairs. Two years ago, #5 started acting up with heating issues, and was traded in for $100 off an xbox One. #4 is still kicking, and I do play a game or two on it every so often.

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