Kingdom Hearts – Part 5 – Alice v Wonderland


Alice is on trial for her life and it’s up to Brett, Chris and some thinly-veiled drug references to set things right!

For those of you still tuning into our weekend journey through the HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts, we’re finally seeing more action than generic heartless and stilted cutscenes! Apologies for the shortness of the week’s walkthrough, but we swear we’ll explain next week!

Have you ever wanted to visit/revisit an ancient and beloved game but you didn’t wanna do it alone?! Well, we can’t help you. But you can join Chris and Elston as they journey through the HD Remix of Kingdom Hearts in Laser Time’s first ever long play series every Sunday. Will our intrepid heroes make it all the way through the entire game? We hope not, but let’s see how this stupid little adventure through Square/Disney fandom goes, huh?!

Previously in Kingdom Farts:

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts – Part 5 – Alice v Wonderland

  1. Looks like Chris is getting the hang of the platforming! By the way, you guys should probably make use of the shortcut functions for menu items like healing items and magic. Holding down L1 should be the magic shortcut but I forget exactly which button is item shortcuts.

  2. Really enjoying this series, I like revisiting a game without having to actually play it! I was chanting to Chris to go save after that battle, he was walking into the forest with reckless abandon!

  3. I think it’s kind of a testament to my nostalgia that the only parts that don’t really hold up (for me) are small technical things like an awkward camera. 2 definitely improves on things a lot, minus that really, really long opening sequence. Birth by Sleep on PS3 makes even more improvements on 2 than 2 did on 1, so that gives me a lot of hope for how 3 will end up, even if it’s only slightly improved from BBS and with a much bigger budget.

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