X-Men: Apocalypse Has One Last Trailer Full Of Surprises


One last Apocalypse trailer has arrived, spelling out all the important bits of the plot, including a big name cameo…

We rolled our eyes at the painfully grim Batman V. Superman, we’re patiently waiting to see Spider-Man and everyone else in the Civil War. But that’s not the end of comic book films for the year, not by a long shot. The final part of X-Men’s retro trilogy arrives May 27, and there’s one final trailer today that explains what’s going on with mutants in the 1980s…

There’s a lot to unpack here for longtime fans of the X-Men, whether in film or the comics. Thanks to Days Of Future Past softly rebooting the entire series, we’re left with a 1980s full of brand new actors playing famous X-Men, whether it’s in Dragonball Z-esque fights…


Or seeing Mystique and Nightcrawler meet again for the first time (am I the only one thinking they’ll stick with the comics origins of Kurt being Raven’s son?)…


Meanwhile, Magneto apparently tried to have a family, but they died, leading him to join Apocalypse, who takes out Xavier early in the film, seemingly. I wonder when Charles shaves his head, as hinted at in a previous trailer…


And, lastly, while they were playing coy before, this trailer confirms that Wolverine will play some part in the movie. Those claws confirm he’s gotten his adamantium back for the first time since Days, though is this scene set in Weapon X? Has he been there since Mystique (posing as Stryker) put Logan there? Honestly, I have no idea, because Singer’s X-Men has one complicated as hell timeline…


You’ll have to wait a month to see if the film has much more Hugh Jackman beyond his veiny arms. Though if you’re looking for X-Men info, may I suggest our Superhero Spotlight of Colossus?

Tell us your thoughts on the last trailer in the comments, and if you’re looking for more info on apocalyptic mutants, check out our suggestions below!










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4 thoughts on “X-Men: Apocalypse Has One Last Trailer Full Of Surprises

  1. I’m really happy to see Cyclops doing cool stuff. I feel like Marvel in both comics and movies has been shitting on Cyclops for too long. I’ll reserve the right to take this back if he ends up being lame in Apocalypse but it all looks promising so far. Let the guy with laser eyes be awesome!

  2. I still have little hope for this. It seems to be too Jennifer Lawrence centric, and her delivery is awful… especially the “what” she gives to Quicksilver. Sigh. Seeing Wolverine could have been cool if we didn’t know about it, but I feel like he’ll only end up being in that one scene like Mr Maximoff was in DOFP.

  3. full of spoilers too, looks like theyve spoiled a few great character moments (kurt seeing his mum, psylocke dying, quicksilver dad joke) and obviously the big cameo, wish i could’ve stayed dark on this. trailers definitely reveal too much now.

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