Talking Simpsons – Like Father, Like Clown



We dig into Krusty’s Jewish heritage and riff on The Jazz Singer in another season 3 classic podcast…



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4 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Like Father, Like Clown

  1. I used to do work as an extra and One day they made me dress up as an Orthodox Jew I already had the beard, but then they gave me curly hair extensions, the hat, and the black coat, this was during the summer so i was hot as fuck!

  2. Man, I love this episode. I still repeat the Chrysler line to myself a lot, I love the delivery. Good episode of the show as well, I look forward to it so much each week!

  3. I love so much about this episode. Krusty’s illiteracy, how he looks as a child, his assistant, that whole segment where he’s over for dinner. Millhouse just crying in response to him and Homer loving an excuse to get out of there is great.

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