Chernobyl asplodes, MST3K trickles into theaters and Cruise’s third Mission – Apr 22-28


A nuclear catastrophe dominates headlines this week in 1986, while in 1996 Mystery Science Theater attempts to infiltrate theaters one region at a time. Then in 2006 Gnarls Barkley croons a crazy hit and Mission Impossible III releases to polite applause.

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17 thoughts on “Chernobyl asplodes, MST3K trickles into theaters and Cruise’s third Mission – Apr 22-28

  1. I like J.J. Abrams and all, but I’m not really a fan of M:I 3 (despite liking the series overall). It’s not a bad film, but it’s too much about Ethan Hunt’s personal life… that I couldn’t really care less about. For me, it’s the poorest entry in the series. I will say that the score is pretty damn good though.

  2. Tom also says “woop-dee-shit” in the movie after the he-man Doctor lists his credentials.

    1. As an Australian, I just want to say thank you for bringing up the Port Arthur Massacre. Such a dark day in Australian history but an important one. We’ve had zero mass shootings since then thanks to a RIGHT WING Prime Minister bringing gun control into action.

  3. I always pair MI3 and MI4 for some reason. I think MI3 has a better story and by far a better villain, but MI4 has better “missions.”

    That said, I still like MI1 the best, them MI5. MI2 is the worst.

  4. this week in 2006 Solomon Mars starts his journey to become an animator and a useless diploma, and a 76 THOUSAND dollar student loan debt! yay!

  5. So, uh, my first real exposure to MST3K was the movie. Our cable company sucked and we didn’t get Comedy Central (or Sci-Fi for that matter) until something like 1997, so renting the movie from Blockbuster was pretty much the only way I was going to watch anything related to the show. At least I got to watch the Sci-Fi years, and DVDs and Youtube uploads have filled in a lot of gaps from the early stuff.

  6. You owe it to yourself to watch the “The Battle of Chernobyl” (link below) if you have little to no knowledge of what happened at Chernobyl. It is one of the most fascinating and absolutely unbelievable events to happen in modern history. There are so many facets to it, each one more unimaginable than the other.

    For instance, over the next ten years after the event, the bordering country of Belarus saw a 6000% (SIX THOUSAND) increase in thyroid cancer among children. Gomel, went from having one case of pediatric thyroid cancer in 1986, to having no less than 35 newly diagnosed cases from 1991-97. That is one of the literal hundreds of un-fucking-believable statistics that arose from the catastrophe.

    “The Battle of Chernobyl” will give you the most well-rounded story of what occurred, but if you want to learn more about a few of the particulars, “Inside Chernobyl” and the Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Short “Chernobyl Heart” is also worth a watch. But HOOOLY shit, it may be the most difficult thing I have ever watched. It is INCREDIBLY graphic as it deals with the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of children that have been directly affected by Chernobyl. Imagine the worst possible deformities and medical conditions and multiply it by ten.

    1. *no less than 35 newly diagnosed cases EACH YEAR from 91-97.

      – Sorry for the comment spam, but it absolutely fascinates me to no end. It is incomprehensibly tragic. I felt bad when Diana said she tried to research it by using the wiki page about it. It’s impossible to decipher because of how much effort is spent detailing the measurements and logistics of the building and reactor.

    2. Fuck, man. There is nothing on earth that terrifies me as much as the pictures of abandoned Pripyat. Just the thought of that invisible, creeping death that will linger in that town for hundreds of years, that will kill you from your DNA up.

  7. If you’re worried about passengers being portrayed as cowards on United 93, let me put your minds at ease. It’s just one, and it’s the one foreigner on the plane.

    “No, don’t do anyzing stoopid. We must surrender to ze terrorists.”

    Fuck that movie.

  8. Hey Chris, I actually know Kelly, the director of Brain Candy. And that’s not just hyperbole either – he and his wife were kind enough to give me a very nice gift when my son was born. Anyway, I don’t talk to him very often but the next time I do, I’ll see if I can work in a conversation about a director’s cut.

  9. I’d really love it if you guys would ever consider to add links to things that you discuss during 30-20-10 as a companion piece. Because people like me enjoy searching the topics.

  10. another great episode of Diana & The Simpsons-nerds!

    JCVD’s The Quest premier April 20, 1996

    Janeane Garofalo introduces KISS on The Anti Gravity Room (90s comic book show)

    ugh..that United 93 trailer made my stomach ache…

    John Cena’s music made me hold in my laughter in vain.

  11. FYI, Gramercy Films was Universal’s art house label back in the 90s and Universal owns This Island Earth, so licensing had no part in the studio keeping MST3K: The Movie out of print for those years. More than likely, they just saw no value in keeping it on the market until Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic reawakened interest in the franchise, resulting in that shitty rerelease in 2008. Thank God for Shout! Factory.

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