Punisher Is Officially Getting His Own Netflix Series

Punisher Spinoff Series

Frank Castle’s story in Daredevil season 2 may be done, but his War Journal is just beginning. Check out the teaser for his just-confirmed Netflix series…

Now that we’ve had time to ruminate on Daredevil’s second Netflix season, it’s easy to pinpoint the best part. For as good as DD looked against The Hand, and Elodie Young really owned the Elektra character, the breakout role was Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle aka The Punisher. He gave Frank emotions, grit, and cold blooded killer instinct that defined his best comics. It seemed very likely Bernthal would continue the role in a series all his own, and today Marvel and Netflix made it official.

The confirmation lacks any date for when the show will come out, but they did announce some of the staff. Steve Lightfoot will act as executive producer and writer of the first two episodes – Lightfoot served as writer/executive producer on Hannibal, so I’d say he knows a thing or two about making TV starring a likable sociopath who hunts down bad guys. Marvel’s sixth planned Netflix series also has a snazzy piece of promo art.


As for where they go with Frank Castle, I’ve got a couple ideas. SPOILERS for Daredevil season 2, but the season basically got all of Punisher’s origin out of the way. By the 13th episode, he had his costume, his massive arsenal, and he had a disc marked “Micro,” seemingly implying he’ll be seeking out Microchip, his hacker buddy of the ’90s who has been dead in the comics for some time. I’d bet Micro, also implied to be a friend from his Marine days, also will help him find the type of monstrous organized crime groups worth murdering. And now that Frank blew up his home, he’ll be looking to leave the past behind as his war begins.


If you’re looking to learn more about Frank Castle’s long history, I did a biography on him for Laser Time’s comic book podcast, Cape Crisis. I filled this Superhero Spotlight video with a number of visual aids, so you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about Marvel’s top vigilante!

And if news of a new Punisher series makes you want to read some of his best/most important works, I’ve got a reading list for ya! (And buying any of these through our links also helps support Laser Time!)…










2 thoughts on “Punisher Is Officially Getting His Own Netflix Series

  1. I’m really excited for this, I really liked this version of Punisher and I’m all for getting more of him.

  2. I liked Daredevil Season 2 the most when it was Punisher Season 0. The Hand stuff didn’t captivate me nearly as much and I’m worried on how Daredevil can stand on its own for a potential third season, but I’ve got high hopes for Jon Bernthal to continue doing justice to a character who had long gotten the live-action shaft before him.

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