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May is a packed month for our live film commentaries! We’ve got two Marvel movies and a pair of ’80s anniversaries, all ready to be watched with y’all!

How’s everyone doing after a month of sad news and paying your taxes? Cuz we at Laser Time are ready to start fresh in May, starting with this month’s Monday Night Movies schedule! These viewing parties happen every week, and in a recent change you can all join us LIVE for the video streams of the movie, while the archived MP3 is only available to our lovely Patreon supporters (or for sale on Laser Time’s Bandcamp). Previous commentaries include Terminator 2, Back to The Future, and Power Rangers: The Movie.

Short version: We select a different film each week and live stream our fan commentary every Monday at 6PM Pacific, exclusively for Laser Time Patreon members who pledge as little as $5 a month. (BTW, that paltry $5 a month also nets you a bonus weekly podcast, the first season of Talking Simpsons, and much, much more, so why not treat yourself?)

May has five Monday nights to fill with movies, and each is scheduled around a special event, along with a community choice that we’ll leave up to our top Patrons. We start the month with…


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Sure, there was Age of Ultron in the meantime, but that’s nothing compared to the direct sequel to Captain America’s best film that comes to theaters this month. And to prepare for Civil War, we check out how the Winter Soldier first appeared in (arguably) the best Marvel film to date. This movie is so damn good, and we can’t wait to fawn over it more this month – I bet you feel the same!

Short Circuit

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As a kid, Johnny 5 tale of going from a killing machine to a goofy, impressionable nerd was one of our all-time favorite films. Now, 30 years (to the day!) removed from Short Circuit’s premiere, is it still as cute an ’80s romp, or will we be distracted by Guttenberg and Fisher Stevens’ rather horrible portrayal of an Indian stereotype? We’ll find out that Monday night as we all take on input.

Top Gun Version 2

TOP GUN – May 16th
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The second of two big anniversaries this month – we’re watching Top Gun just in time for it to turn 30 (don’t think of how old that makes Tom Cruise, you’ll hurt his feelings). This is Reagan’s America to a T, with sexy pilots fighting Communism, breaking the rules, and having really gay volleyball scenes. Feel the need for speed along with us, and see if Quentin Tarantino’s theory of gay subtext is correct.

players-choice-mtm (1)


Just as we did all the previous months, we’re doing the usual community choice, and with no guidelines either. Sure, last month’s choice netted us the phenomenal Robocop, so who knows what our $10 plus Patreon voters will pick?

XMen 2

X-MEN 2: X-MEN UNITED – May 30th
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The month of May ends with the premiere of what could be Bryan Singer’s last X-Men film, as Apocalypse arrives for Xavier and his Gifted Youngsters. While we could check out 2014’s Days of Future Past, we’d rather watch what remains the greatest mutant movie ever, X2! Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Storm, and Colossus have never looked better than they do here, and it really holds up on repeat viewing, as you’ll no doubt see on this Monday night! It HAS to be better than Wolverine Origins.


We hope this crop of Monday Night Movies got you jazzed for May. And just to make it clear, if anything as big as the death of David Bowie happens, we reserve the right to change this schedule on the fly. Hopefully it never comes to that though. Again, if you want to join in, the best way is to donate to our Patreon at the $5 level. Just to have it all clear in bold text…

MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES begin every MONDAY @ 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME (unless stated otherwise) live on the site, and the MP3s are exclusively available for Patreon members at the $5 level

9 thoughts on “The Monday Night Movie May Schedule

  1. I’m into this month’s lineup. Hopefully you guys abandon Twitch and go back to YouTube for Monday Night Movies, though.

  2. Strong stuff with two excellent comic book films and two eighties staples that I have… never seen before! It’ll be good catching up on those, especially since I’ve finally learned to not totally hate Tom Cruise.

  3. For community choice, let’s just choose Transformers: The Movie. It is a fine example of an LT movie. it was in the 80’s, animated, had a an awesome toy line.

    1. Well it’ll be the 30th anniversary of the movie’s release in August so I’d eat a hat if it isn’t shown then.

  4. This is a great month of commentaries.
    Though I’d disagree slightly about X2 – I’d say First Class is the best X-Men film, that Magneto is better there, and Colossus is better in Deadpool. Just my thoughts though.

  5. I am going to push SO HARD for Turbo Kid as the community choice this month. Here’s a few non story reasons why it should be picked:
    1) It is basically Fallout: The Movie in the best ways
    2) It has Micheal Ironside in it
    3) It has a kick ass 80s synth soundtrack
    4) It is cheesy and goofy but stays true to the 80s action movie that it is emulating
    6) It’s on Netflix

    Even if it doesn’t get noticed, everyone should go watch this movie now anyway because it fucking rocks. Seriously, go watch it now!

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