These Simpsons Clips Help Celebrate 75 Years Of Citizen Kane In A Single Video

Simpsons Citizen Kane

What happens when 26 years of Simpsons collides with 75 years of Orson Welles masterpiece? This special video…

We here at Laser Time can’t shut up about The Simpsons, referencing it in every aspect of our lives, from multiple videos to our weekly podcast, Talking Simpsons. And (in the first eight seasons at least), I dare say no film was mentioned more than Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. The film was released May 1, 1941, making this the film’s 75th birthday – and you better believe it’ll be discuss on an upcoming ThirtyTwentyTen – but right now we want to share Moon Film’s ingenious side-by-side comparison of Citizen Kane and its many references in The Simpsons. Take a look…

Truly incredible to see the footage side-by-side to see how closely the animators recreated the greatest film ever made. We’ve covered the earliest instance of Burns as Kane in a previous Talking Simpsons, and seeing these all next to each other makes me even more hyped to finally see the other Kane-centric shows that are in season 5.

By the way, the Laser Time crew did recently see Citizen Kane in a theater, which we discussed on our Patreon-exclusive show Bonus Time – if you aren’t yet a listener, here’s a small taste of our Citizen Kane musings…

If for some reason you’ve never seen Citizen Kane or the entire first decade of The Simpsons, you need to fix that ASAP, and we’ve got just the links to Amazon to help you fix your situation. Shop around while humming that song – here, I’ll get you started. “There is a man…”





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