What’s Your Local Haunted Spot?

Or what was it, if it’s gone now. You get what we’re asking here: GHOSTS!

In case you didn’t know, we’ve been having a blast on Bonus Time (our weekly Patron-exclusive show) asking you guys a question every week, but I wanted to expand it a little this week for even the people who can’t pony up. Because we love you, too!

Something amazing popped up in my Facebook feed and I wanted to share it here because… I’m not really sure why. I think it’s kind of impossible to care unless you’re willing to rationality commit to hearing ancient ghost stories, but hey, why wait until Halloween to get in that mindset? (FYI, that image above comes from our Unofficial Disney Halloween article. Feel free to enjoy that early too!) Hey, Halloween in May, there’s an idea!

antista sunnyland
Me atop the abandoned mental institution circa 2006.  

Sunnyland was my local Haunted House growing up in Tallahassee, and I was more than a little shocked to see someone made a documentary about the place. Especially since it was finally bulldozed a few years back. But for years, kids of multiple generations spent their days and nights sneaking into this abandoned mental institution. Rumors of ghosts, murder, and forgotten children chained to beds persisted throughout my entire life in that town, so while my heart is warmed by living in a wonderful, futuristic world where we can devote a VERY well-produced mini-doc to even the most colloquial of haunted spots, I personally cant help but feel a little bummed seeing the spooky spot robbed of all it’s ambiguity. Nothing in this doc is better than the mystery I grew up with, but hey, we were all calling it the wrong name this whole time anyway, “Sunnyland,” so at least it’ll save us from looking like even bigger rubes.

Anyhoo, we wanted to ask you guys about your local haunted spots, see if you had any locally produced docs about them, etc. We’ve been really enjoying reading this kind of stuff on Bonus Time (free sample above), so let us know: WHAT’S YOUR LOCAL HAUNTED SPOT?!

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Local Haunted Spot?

  1. With “haunted” locations I become more interested in the location itself rather than it being haunted or not, which is a reason why I find myself watching a paranormal show at 2 am. It always becomes more interesting hearing about what happened to the place or the person rather than watching a show where nothing happens or some guy fakes about being possessed. This place looks creepy and probably really eerie at night which helps the adrenaline kick in when roaming around a place with a history of that caliber. Was it haunted? probably not but thanks for sharing this, Chris, I still love this kinda stuff now and then.

  2. The haunted hospital of scottsville, ky but Id say realizing you live in scottsville, ky is scarier.
    The Ghost Hunters visited my campus at WKU and checked out potter hall.
    Also Waverly Hills is close.

    1. Kentucky represent! I’m not from Scottsville (Owensboro myself), but I have a friend who is, and I’ve visited. I’m also a Hilltopper, but didn’t realize the Ghost Hunters came to WKU (though that may have been before my time).

      I’ve never been to Waverly Hills, but I’ve definitely heard of it.

  3. (Also my bonus time answer) As a horror nerd this kind of stuff is right up my alley and being from southern California; we have a ton of haunted locations including a wizard of oz related haunting in my hometown of Riverside. “Midgetville” which was a small comunity of midget actors that was built after the filming of wizard of oz by some of its performers, is a location that eluded me and my friends; sadly even to this day. Instead of me writting about my experinces with buddies trying to find it back in the mid 90s, check out strange history.com since they have one of the better acoounts of this haunted location.

  4. Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Spring City Pennsylvania.
    In 1968 NBC did an exposé on the terrible overcrowding and bad conditions that this place was in. Kind of a big deal at the time. Pennhurst wasn’t closed until 1987.

    NBC report Suffer the Little Children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIepqvHii-M
    Opacity photos: http://opacity.us/site30_pennhurst_state_school.htm

    Went there a few times with some friends in the early aughts. Didn’t see any ghosts unfortunately.

    A few years back part of the grounds were turned into a haunted Halloween attraction. This got the locals and the Pennhurst Memorial & Preservation Alliance pretty upset.

  5. Growing up in Orange County near Long Beach, the most famous “local” haunted place is the Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner that is now a tourist attraction and a hotel.

    A few years ago, my dad was staying in a room on a new years eve. He was sitting in a chair and in a chair next to him the seat cushion compressed like someone sat next to him even though he was alone. A few minutes later, the cushion returned to normal like someone got up.

    I was taking a tour of the engine area. I thought I saw a blackish mist down a hallway. As we passed the hallway, I didn’t see anything unusual. We stopped in the next room and the tour guides were pointing out parts of the room. While my group was looking in one direction, a tour guide and I looked in the direction of the hallway we came through and we saw a shadow person walk past an exit sign, blocking the exit sign light. I asked the tour guide if he saw it as well and he said he did, but the rest of the group was looking at a different part of the ship. During the rest of the tour we heard odd noises and one person thought he got touched. I didn’t see anything else though.

  6. Another SoCal guy here (Also Orange County, Garden Grove in particular). I’ll give you something better than a local haunted spot – my grandparent’s haunted as fuck house.
    So this house is in nearby Seal Beach and it has always had a rep for being haunted every since they moved in 60 years prior. I never really saw much but my aunts claimed to have seen figures at night, and my grandma claimed one threw something at her and pulled off her sheets once. However, things got a lot worse when my grandfather died from complications about 3 years ago. My grandmother had Alzheimers, so my sisters would go there every so often to take care of her (my grandparents were catholic and had 12 kids so we all pitched in and took shifts). My little sister Danielle had a couple of experiences with things that most would consider minor (cold spots, random noises, closed doors and things she swore she left open). However, one day she came home in a panic.
    She said that she was chatting with my grandmother about my grandfather (she always asked about him because he was still alive in her mind) and apparently about five minutes after this one of my grandfathers personal effects that was draped over the chair just flung itself the fuck into the middle of the floor, scaring the shit out of her. My sister Danielle later took my grandmother up stairs to put her in bed and when she walking down stairs the sliding door to the backyard slammed itself shut. After that, she always had headphones in when she went, and didn’t really like going alone.
    My grandmother passed about 8 months ago and we fixed the house up and sold it about 4 months back. A few weeks ago, my two sisters drove by the place out of nostalgia and they said they saw a large van parked outside that had cameras and shit that they were setting up. It may or may not have been some amateur paranormal investigators (since it makes the story cooler assume this). They shared a nervous laugh and drove off and that’s about it.
    My aunt Angie also took care of my grandmother and told us about similar shit that had happened to her. I don’t have anything personal to report sadly. I didn’t go there as much as my sisters and the only weird thing that happened when I was around was a doll or two randomly coming to life with no one touching them. Honestly, I almost feel a little left out. Me and my sisters lived with my grandparents briefly when I was little and they had me sleep in a room full of fucking puppets (my grandmother loved Disney; had a Pinocchio and a menagerie of dolls in the guest bedroom) and yet not a single spoopy encounter for ol SpadesSlick. Either way, glad I don’t have to go back again. We sold that place for a solid million bucks and pawned it off on some unsuspecting family as is the cycle with those kind of place.

  7. I live in San Diego and frequent the Whaley house often. It’s considered one of the most haunted locations in the US. I even have pictures of the ghost that inhabit the home.

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