Kingdom Hearts – PART 6: Wonderland Boss


Let this be a lesson to any and all reattempting a complete playthrough of Kingdom Hearts: There are no shortcuts.

Yikes… this is gonna be a weird one. But at least we now know, once and for all, there is no quick way through Kingdom Hearts, and running past random encounters with even the scrub enemies is a good way to get yourself killed during the bigger boss battles. Live and learn!

And you need to grind. It’s not really negotiable. Here’s your proof:

NOTE: The following video is an abridged version of over 90 minutes of gameplay. Feel free to offer tips/make yourself feel superior in the comments below. Head here for more of our Kingdom Farts buffonery!

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts – PART 6: Wonderland Boss

  1. I couldn’t help laugh every time Chris got killed and they would both just give this defeated sigh and readjust their butts. I have been replaying Adventures of Link on my 3DS and can’t imagine doing it without save states so I feel the pain of redoing stuff over and over and over until you finally make that heartless your bitch. Good job, show em who’s boss.

  2. I’m proud to say that the first reference of the show was We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story and just rewatched that movie on April 15 (my birthday) because it was making a movie that came out the year I was born (93′).

    As for the actual game, you should check your abilities a little more. Like equipping the Scan ability lets you see enemy health. Set up your own customized sub menu for spells so that you can just hold L1 and then hit a face button for whatever spell you set (way faster). Go into Customize for Donald and Goofy to set how they act in combat. I personally set Goofy as very offensive and Donald as a healer. That way I never had to worry about healing myself except for rare occasions.

    This fight isn’t too bad, and you got to the last phase almost every time. It’s much more discouraging when you can’t see the bosses health though. This fight is a bit troublesome though because Donald and Goofy are pretty useless if you set them to be offensive because they don’t know how to go for his weak spots and just bounce off his indestructible legs. Oh and read the character’s dialogue without skipping it all before reading the FAQ, since they usually say exactly what to do. I swear by this series. May be clunky at times, but still worth it.

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