Talking Simpsons – Treehouse Of Horrors II


Halloween is here once more in one of the greatest episodes of all time. And it’s good that Bart does that, it’s very, very good…



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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Treehouse Of Horrors II

  1. Fun ep recapping one of the greats. Worth noting: Harry Shearer’s main recurring bit in his SNL runs was a Rod Serving impression, which may be why it felt a little too on-the-nose. He’s basically doing the exact same bit here ten years llater.

  2. Must be so hard to pick just one line for “line of the show” . The ball turned into a fat balled guy always gets me.

  3. Bob, I’m pretty sure the reference on Lisa’s shirt is vaguely Arabic gibberish. There does not appear to be any famous landmarks around Marrakech with a name even similar to Balmoweloud (which is how SNPP spelled it); there are also no famous stones associated with Marrakech. Assuming SNPP correctly transcribed the text, Balmoweloud does not even look like an Arabic word. There is a collection of Stephen Jay Gould (Simpsons reference!) essays called The Lying Stones of Marrakech, but this was published in 2000 and the titular essay is about counterfeit fossils, rather than a notable landmark.

    It seems like the kind of filler joke that would be inserted by the animators to liven up a scene.

    1. Thanks for going the extra step. I knew it was a play off of “kiss the Blarney Stone,” but I’m guessing the writers just wanted a vaguely Middle Eastern substitute for that Irish landmark. The text probably only hung around for one shot because of just how complex it is—it’s barely legible even in the close-up.

  4. Not even a mention of my favorite line, that I use today, “‘this isn’t rocket science, it’s brain surgery!”

  5. This episode is amazing. Obviously as a kid I hadn’t watched the Twilight Zone, but now it makes revisiting these episodes so much more interesting. The “the ball is turning into a fat bald man” may be one of my favourite lines ever. I had never really been able to narrow down my favourite Treehouse of Horror episode, but I think this is an easy contender now.

  6. I actually stopped this podcast and watched this simpsons episode. had to. and you guys are right, the foley work in this episode is FAAAAN-tastic!

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