Cape Crisis #187 – Apocalypse And The Four Podcasters


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave all discuss the immortal life of Apocalypse, as well as some big comic rumors, questions from the listeners, and still find time to mock Zack Snyder…


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Cape Crisis #187 Question: Is there any writer or artist you’ll follow to any book?

And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #187 – Apocalypse And The Four Podcasters

  1. I could not disagree with you guys more on Punisher, I thought it set up a decent premise but thought the issue was pretty meh overall. I really dislike the nice and neat design of Castle. It just seems to stand out so damn much.

    Chris have you checked out stuff like The Vision, Mockingbird, Black Widow or Moon Knight? I feel like there have been some great stuff from ANAD and this seems to not even compare to me.

  2. That Zack Snyder quote is amazing but shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been exposed to his cinematic abortions 😉

  3. I just tried buying Renato Jones through yr Amazon link based on Hank’s description,, but it’s only available as Kindle version / not Comixology?? Bummer.

    1. PS: if Amazon owns Comixology, why are there two competing formats (Kindle vs Comixology)? Shouldn’t they consolidate the formats at this point…..Grrrr!

  4. What would you say is the first comic book movie you ever saw?

    As for Apocalypse, I’ve always have liked the guy since I was first introduced to him thanks to the 90’s X-Men cartoon. I mean, in a few timelines; the dude actually won. Got to give him credit for that.

  5. I’ve watched a couple of clips that have been released for Apocalypse, one being Mystique visiting Nightcrawler and Angel in that MMA crap, and the other focusing on Pyslocke, and it looks like unfinished nonsense. I feel like I’m the only one not super excited for it at this point.

  6. I feel weird when it comes to Dave Matthews Band because I don’t like any of their singles at all, so I can understand how people would think they suck if that’s what you’re familiar with…but they put on an amazing live show and I really love a lot of their songs like Rhyme & Reason. Carter Beauford is still one of my favourite drummers of all time.

  7. man, i was having an anxiety attack listening to Henry do the Superhero Spotlight for Apocalypse. SO EXHAUSTING!
    also… fuck Zack Snider! that interview, wtf?!

  8. FYI, Kid Apocalypse is currently in ‘All New X-men’ traveling around with the time displaced original X-men. At least he was, I’m a couple issues behind.

    1. Also, in Extraordinary Xmen the team has been transported to a future timeline where it seems like Colossus is the new Apocalypse. Deadpool, Moon Kinght, and Venom are the horsemen shown so far. It’s actually been a fun series.

  9. ALSO with apocalypse now done on the superhero spotlight surely Psylocke will be coming up with the release of Apocalypse at the end of May right?, RIGHT? …*sobs*…

  10. QoTW: I’ll read pretty much anything by Rick Remender. The guy won me over with his amazing Uncanny Xforce run. Following that I discovered his Image books like Deadly Class, Black Science, and Low and I was convinced he can do no wrong. Honorable mention goes to Mike Del Mundo on art. His work on Weirdworld is breathtaking and is pretty much the only reason I check out the book.

    Ask Hank: I tried getting into Transmetropolitan but for some reason it didn’t click with me. Maybe it hasn’t aged as well as other classics. Question is should I still check out Planetary? I really want to buy the omnibus since it gets so much praise. But being the same writer as Transmet maybe I won’t like it as much as the general public does.

  11. Ask hank: If they made a Transmetropolitan movie would you rather have Zack Snyder, or Aaron Sorkin direct it?

  12. Ask Hank:

    As a Dutch guy I grew up reading only European comics, cause it was hard getting your hands on American comics (excluding Donald Duck comics, those things are huge in the Netherlands). So I’ve to ask : do you guys have ever reed any European comics? Anything like Asterix the Gaul, Tin-Tin, Blacksad, Lucky Luke, Blueberry, Storm, Spirou, Gaston, Thorgal, Sky-doll or any other titles?

  13. Ask Hank:

    Are you reading either The Vision or Standoff? Vision is one of the best series I’ve read in years, and Standoff has been a pretty fun read, with some cool returns and status quo changes!

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