Want Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Talk? See It Live, 4PM Pacific Friday


The Laser Time crew are seeing the newest Marvel movie and our going to livestream our SPOILER-filled reactions, and you can join in at 4:00PM Pacific tonight!

Marvel’s newest film is finally arriving in the US, and we are BEYOND excited to see the highly well-reviewed Civil War. The Laser goofs are seeing it Friday morning California time, and just as we did with Batman V Superman and The Force Awakens, we’re going to be sharing our spoilery chat right here tonight at 4:00PM Pacific Time, and if you’re ready for a spoilery discussion, you can join in right here! (Or, you can ask some early spoilery questions in the comments below!)

In the meantime, why not check out a bite-sized version of Laser Time’s comic book podcast, Cape Crisis, check out our reactions to the best Civil War trailer!









14 thoughts on “Want Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Talk? See It Live, 4PM Pacific Friday

  1. Can’t wait! I forgot the usual live stream reaction protocol but do you guys discuss some things during the ride home or do you follow Siskel and Ebert style and hold off on all discussion until the actual show?

    Finally seeing it in a few hours so I may even see it a second time before the stream tomorrow.

  2. A+ movie. Captain America was the optimistic and charming superhero I wanted in Superman. The movie was extremely fun and I cared about all the characters and their stories.

    I know there’s a lot of talk about how the superhero bubble has to burst but it isn’t coming yet, at least not for Marvel. I’m getting the awesome feeling Avengers gave me; “Holy crap, they actually made that work!” I haven’t read that many comic books all told but I loved the Civil War story line. I never thought they could make a great single movie from it. Now I’m even more excited for Infinity War!!!!

  3. While Spider-Man and Ant-Man had the coolest action beats in the big airport brawl, I think Black Panther might be the MVP. Chadwick Boseman is regal as hell in the role, he’s got a full movie’s worth of character arc, and he looks amazing in motion. His movie can’t come soon enough.
    Also, I have to give an extra shout-out to Scarlet Witch and Vision’s relationship. I could watch an entire movie that was just a rom-com of them.

    1. More like Aunt Bae am I right?

      But seriously, as someone who also lived with his aunt in the “Friendly Neighborhood” of Forest Hills, Queens just like Peter, I couldn’t help but get a little misty-eyed when Left Hand Free started playing and the scene with Tony played out. The perfect MCU introduction to one of the most iconic, important, and relatable superheroes ever. Welcome home, Spidey.

  4. Were you a bit upset that Spider-Man, as great as he was, has entered the Marvel Universe as a villain who fights Captain America and his friends?

    1. …How is he a villain? Did he kill anyone? Did he do anything dastardly or inmoral? Did he kick a kitten?

  5. Hank mentions how in Captain America 2 they perfectly use Steve’s shield as an extension of himself and I think they passed that understanding on to Falcon and The Winter Soldier in this movie. Sam’s wings are used in so many cool ways and the same with Bucky’s metal arm.

  6. Iron Man dismissing Spider Man at the end of the fight through me off at first too, but on the drive home it hit me why he did that, because Spider Man would’ve kept fighting, he would have pushed himself beyond his limits just to prove himself not just to Tony Stark, but to all the other super heroes he was around. He was just that excited to be there and you could feel it. He was a teenager full of adrenaline and energy, like all of us at that age, he thinks he’s invincible. Tony could see that and had to force him to stop. I thought it was handled really well. I’m just glad to have Spider Man in the Marvel universe proper. it just felt, WHOLE. you know?
    I had gotten a little exhausted by super hero movies by the time the second avengers movie happened, but this movie really brought me back!

  7. Absolutely loved the movie. In terms of the overarching plot I do think Winter Soldier was better and more focused, but with the amount of characters that made this movie special it was really impossible to be as focused. Every fight was choreographed so damn well and I never felt lost in the constant action. My biggest gripe was when Ross was trying to guilt trip the Avengers with the footage because the person was really the most responsible for causing catastrophes (rather than just collateral when preventing catastrophe) was Iron Man. The child who Stark “killed” in Sokovia he was guilt tripped because of the building falling as if he was causing the city to be destroyed, when in reality any fighting there was to prevent a world ending scenario. The alternative was annihilation, and people just wanted something to be angry at. Stark was at fault though, because he created Ultron with his obsessive desire to control things, which also led to the real threat being ignored in Civil War until after he’d pushed Cap and friends down the road to being criminals. If Tony had been working with Cap from the start, they could’ve avoided the collateral that led to the situation getting as bad as it did. Though this all made sense, because that’s the person Tony is. So a slight gripe on how they twisted the reasoning for the Sokovia Accords, but I still see why it naturally led to them existing.

    The only thing you missed in your discussion was how amazing that first fight was with the mercenary group. The fighting was amazing, especially the Black Widow fight scenes. She kicked so much ass in the market place fight. To me she felt like the star of that opening fight. The crazy acrobatics when she grapples a guy, swings up onto his neck, then uses her momentum to swing around his body and into the other guy she was fighting. Those acrobatics blew my mind. I can’t wait to see it all again. Also Paul Rudd was just great as Paul Rudd.

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