Vidjagame Apocalypse 162 – Baseball Games With No Baseball


Mikel returns as host this week, and we celebrate by cursing America’s pastime with a list of five baseball-themed games in which you never actually play baseball. We then jump back to the present with a look at Battleborn, before shifting to reactions to Call of Duty news, the Ratchet & Clank movie getting panned by critics, and the non-Zelda Nintendo franchises you’d most like to see revived by the NX launch.

Question of the Week

In honor of May 4, what’s your favorite moment from a Star Wars game?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is The Philadelphia Fillies by Del Reeves. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.




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10 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 162 – Baseball Games With No Baseball

  1. QOTW: Gall Spaceport in Shadows of the Empire.

    Your only known objective upon arrival at Gall is to assassinate Boba Fett. That alone is an exciting premise. Then the level’s tremendous scale reveals itself. You disembark from your ship. You work your way along narrow cliffs. You fighting an AT-ST. Then you take an elevator up to a tower’s peak. The jetpack awaits you at the top. Immediately, you realize you’re going to get into a jetpack duel with Boba Fett.

    Now, some of Shadows of the Empire’s shooting / running / fighting is a little loose. Not so with the jetpack. The jetpack possesses remarkable drift and float physics for an N64 game. There is a lot of fun momentum required to finesse the fuel because your first task with the jetpack is to get across a foggy canyon. You blast off into the nothing and hope you spot a landing zone before you run out of fuel.

    At the level’s conclusion, you do indeed face Boba Fett. And then you face Boba Fett inside his ship, Slave 1. The escalation in this level rises from guiding good old Dash Rendar stepping his to-scale ship (very important to demonstrate how big the level’s crags and valleys are) all the way up to a jetpack duel against Slave 1. I love Shadows of the Empire, and there are some badly-aged levels, but Gall Spaceport is an All-Time Great for both Star Wars and videogames.

    1. God, looking up Shadows of the Empire is bringing back all sorts of memories for me (both good and bad). One thing I remember is being terrified (as a kid), for some stupid reason, of those dumb monsters swimming around in the sewer tunnels under Xizor’s palace. I just didn’t want to go near those deep sewer waters once I started hearing them. I loved the to-scale ship and facing Boba Fett too, though.

  2. My favorite Star Wars moment was discovering the cheat codes for Super Return of the Jedi, which allowed me to fight the Emperor as Wicket.

  3. The remake of Call of Duty 4 seems pretty weird to me. First of all, despite being in middle school when the game came out (yeah, I’m young), I don’t know how people could foster nostalgia for something from 2007. Secondly, it was already in HD and is readily available on demand so anyone who cares either has it or could get it in seconds. Thirdly, why have it release in 2016, and not on its tenth anniversary? I know I’m not the audience for Call of Duty at this point, but as a huge fan of 4 when it came out, a remake just doesn’t interest me.

  4. Just yesterday, one of the themes from Mario 64 popped into my head randomly. At first I wasn’t sure why, but soon I realized it was the theme the raccoon from under Chris’s porch sang to. And then I realized I could not remember hearing from said raccoon in quite a while, and I was profoundly sad. But he’s back! ALL IS WELL ONCE AGAIN!

  5. QOTW: A lot of my favorite moments are tied to Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. From buzzing through canyons and dropping bombs in the Y-wing, fighting high above the clouds in Battle Above Taloraan, to finally getting all the gold medals in every mission, I could go on for far too long about this game. Also, it may have been the first game that I tried (and succeeded at) escaping a level’s boundaries to march on into an endless void, which you could do with the cheatcode-unlockable AT-ST “chicken walker”.

  6. QOTW: The Twist in Knights of the Old Republic

    My favorite game is KOTOR and my remember playing through it the first time and thinking their talking a lot about Darth Revan, I began to wonder if he’s not actually dead and he will reveal himself and be the real big bad, I was shocked when it turns out


    You are actually Darth Revan and the game was Kyser Sosieing you to the reveal the whole time. It was a great moment that made the best Star Wars game that much better

  7. Boy, hearing baseball talk for me must be what those people that hate wrestling feel when you guys talk about it. I haven’t zoned out that hard during a Top 7 in a long time.

  8. QOTW: You guys stole mine (HK-47’s dialogue), but a close second to that would be earning the lightsaber in Jedi Outcast. I don’t recall the trial itself being significantly satisfying, but the fact that the game really made you wait for it made the resultant EXCELLENT lightsaber fighting mechanics feel all the better, because you earned it. KIDS THESE DAYS (*readjusts pants in a huff*) get all THEIR lightsabers right at the START of their damn Star Wars games. Brats.

    Also, incidentally, how is it that I’ve listened to Lasertime for fucking years and JUST discovered that the theme music is the Silver Surfer NES soundtrack? FML

  9. QOTW: Star Wars Episode 1: Racer (N64).

    I love the pod racing scene in Episode 1 and I really enjoyed the game. Breaks my heart not to have it on Virtual Console.

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