Marvel Civil War Elimination Six Man Tag Match!


You may have seen them throw down at the airport, but what happens when Team Cap and Team Iron Man face off in the squared circle? Watch them throw down (with our commentary) in WWE 2K16!

In lieu of Cheap Popcast this week, we present the most epic trios match ever! Captain America, The Winter Soldier, and Falcon take on Iron Man, Spider-man, and Black Panther in a high-stakes elimination bout where each member of the losing team has to be pinned!

You may know the heroes, but their entrances, nicknames, and signature moves are fun discoveries for all. Watch and marvel as The League of Americans go face to face with The Spi Day! There’s some hard-hitting moves, back-and-forth eliminations, and a controversial ending that may require a sequel!

Looking for more comic-book focused WWE fun? Check out this Royal Rumble featuring the many actors who’ve played Superman and Batman in movies and on TV!

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