Mass Effect And Suicide Squad’s Mashup Is Killer!


DC’s (hopefully good) hero team-up movie meets the toughest crew in the galaxy in a spectacular mash-up trailer that’s a must-see for comic book and sci-fi fans! Watch this Mass Effect-Suicide Squad mashup trailer!

Now that we’ve got the year’s best and worst superhero movies behind us, what’s there to look forward to? After the feverish fandom that accompanied Batman v Superman and Marvel Civil War, the lower-profile comic book-born films won’t have that same level of wonder, right? Fortunately, the amazing insanity that was the suicide squad trailer has inspired a great mashup trailer that matches the rogue superheroes with another ragtag crew that saved the world. Yes, someone made a Mass Effect 2 trailer based on Suicide Squad’s premise!

This amazing bit of pop-culture crossover done by YouTube creator Zeb Ekeroth matches the dire stakes and glib humor of Suicide Squad with one of the best video games of this decade (which also had dire stakes and glib humor). It shows how Mass Effect still looks amazing over a half-decade later, how Bohemian Rhapsody is a versatile music track to work with an SNL, superhero, and game trailer, and how Zaeed was kind of an underrated Mass Effect character.

Even though I would have preferred more of my sci-fi waifu Tali and the video can’t help but make me antsy for the 2017-due Mass Effect Andromeda, I’m still glad this wonderful mashup happened. Welp, off to write some Jack-Harley Quinn fan fiction!

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