Nathan Drake Plays Crash Bandicoot In Uncharted 4!


We’ve found the PlayStation Ouroboros! Watch us play as Nathan Drake playing as Crash Bandicoot on a PS1 in Uncharted 4 for the PS4!

If you follow Laser Time’s Twitch page, you know we had an Uncharted 4 stream earlier today. While we had fun plundering ruins, beating up corrupt cops, shooting enemies from a boat, and doing some deep-sea diving, the highlight of the stream was discovering Uncharted 4’s coolest Easter Egg; a playable version of the early-PS1 classic, Crash Bandicoot!

Watch as Chris takes character acting to another level, failing this simple 1996 platformer multiple times, just like Nathan Drake himself would! It really adds to the immersion and realism when Elena starts piling on the insults. She sounds like the YouTube comments when I’m streaming!

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3 thoughts on “Nathan Drake Plays Crash Bandicoot In Uncharted 4!

  1. Couldn’t you have waited a few days or at least not spooling this so blatantly? Luckily I played to that point last night otherwise I’d be really annoyed to have this spoiled

    1. It’s already all over the internet so it was going to get “spoiled” either way. Those who have wanted to play this have got it already and are probably smart enough to avoid spoilers until they finish it. I haven’t played it because I cant be bothered getting a PS4 and still found it surprising during the live the live stream. It’s not a big deal.

      1. It was more annoying seeing it pop up on twitter and Facebook. The Laser time post is the only place I saw it so blatantly. there was a polygon thing but that didn’t call it out but hinted at it. On the day of release I shouldn’t have to hide from the internet to stop things like this getting spoiled… Its maybe not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but still really pisses me off.

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